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Issue #1: Cleric's Corner by DarkenerFollow

#1 Jan 25 2011 at 3:26 PM Rating: Excellent
Inkie in Disguise
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This was submitted to me by Darkener, one of our forum users. I found it to be a good read and helpful in getting a basic understanding of the Cleric calling. He's decided to dub it "Clerics Corner" and I figured you all might enjoy it as well! - Kaasha

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."
-- Hippocrates

As with most classes, there are usually two sides to each. In the case of the cleric souls, it’s 3 sided. While it is quite possible to tank a mob, heal yourself and do damage at the same time in the end, you end up selling your healing powers short.The issue with the Clerics out of gate in my opinion is whether or not they are designated “healers” or “dps” roles, and which one is the best. In my experiences thus far, they do better at healing than dps. While it’s fine to do dps,there are other classes that excel by way of ranged caster dps (mage class). I will focusing on the healing aspect in these descriptions, however, I will also be covering some of the dps aspects of the class/specs available to Clerics later on.

Healing as a Cleric

There are three main ways to heal your allies. Direct Heals, Heal Over Time (HoT), and Area of Effect Heals.

Direct Heals - Great for encounters or enemies that are focusing solely on who has the highest threat and deal massive amounts of damage to a specific target.

Heal Over Time (HoT) - Perfect if you are trying to heal multiple targets at once, and need to try to even out their damage intake, so you can cast direct heals and/or area of effect heals as required.

Area of Effect (AoE) - They deliver a heal on your target and allies around them within a radius. Because of the nature of these spells, you will be spending more mana on an Area of Effect heal than you would like as they cover a designated area as opposed to a single target or a group.

Healing Talent Trees and You!

So as you look at the talent tree options available, you might feel a little overwhelmed. I was at first, but I soon figured out which tree is good for what purpose. So depending if you plan on doing a lot of solo leveling and playing verses being in a party or raid group, your choices of trees may vary. In some cases, your group may tell you “you are doing the HoTs and raid healing” or “You are healing Tank Number 1”. If you are asked to fill this role, you should know what tree is right for the job and how to best utilize it.

I've touched on 3 of the 9 Cleric souls to give you a general idea on how they 'feel'. In my opinion, these are pretty much the staple dungeon healer Souls. They offer great damage buffs to your target so you can focus on healing but increase the speed at which you clear content.

Sentinel - You excel in direct heals on a single target, with some extra bonuses for area of effect heals around that target you are focusing on. Almost every build includes this tree for it's healing power.

Warden - This tree that is concentrated around HoT's and some nice mana regen abilities when you critically heal. This is a great support tree for any healer.

Purifier - This is a Soul that pairs very well with the Warden. They have a critical heal ability available to them that has a good chance to crit on most single target heals if you gear properly.

Stay tuned for more Clerics Corner!

I am Darkener, Cleric Healer Extraordinaire.
Creepy Girl Extraordinaire
#2 Feb 08 2011 at 3:13 PM Rating: Decent
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I thought i'd post this here. This was the first run at a video. I've since made some decisions but thought i'd put it up anyway for others.
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#3 Feb 14 2011 at 10:19 PM Rating: Decent
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Since this is the cleric's corner, I am looking at playing one and I was wondering if the skill "Faith in Action" stacks if more than 1 soul has it?
#4 Feb 16 2011 at 10:50 AM Rating: Decent
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It's actually passive, so I would assume no. Once you have a soul that grants it, then it's just there all the time. You never 'use' it to turn it on. :)
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#5 Feb 22 2011 at 9:41 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm wondering about Templar-

I played Beta 7 only. I have read as much 'speculation' and 'observation' as I can to gain whatever edge I can and there seems to be some concensus.

1. Our Heals, regardless of Soul, are not consistent with the amount of damage as level increases.
2. Our life-expectancy is very low near 35+ due to #1
3. We have are competing too much with Bards who can almost match us just spamming 1-2 heals.

However, if we insist on grinding in PVP as a full healer, the Templar Soul (obtained for 2500 favor) seems like a bit of salvation with it's crit/damage/CC reductions.

My issue is that most of its abilities all require level 50. That's just plain crap!
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