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Pixelmon 3.0 release (Minecraft)Follow

#1 Feb 16 2014 at 12:23 AM Rating: Good
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They've added almost 100 new pokemon to the mod, made several bug fixes and updated some 3D models.

Pixelmon 3.0 Changelog

Mod Homepage

New animations:

Anorith, Archen, Archeops, Electrode, Gliscor, Magnemite, Scyther, Scizor, Voltorb, Infernape, Blaziken
New Feature/Bug Fixes:
- PC System reworked
- Amount of PC Boxes Increased
- Party now can be rearrangeable in the inventory
- Shell Bell, Cell battery, Metronome added
- Pixelmon Spawner added
- Trainer Editor added
- Multiple Battle Items fixed
- Revives and Max Revives added
- Added Sunstone Ore, Shard and Stone
- Blizzard, Hurricane moves fixed to not hit 100% unless condition met
- PokeLoot added into the main mod
- Achievements
- Legendary Birds Quest
- Orbs Added
- Shrine Spawning
- New Battle Stats (/stats, /statsreset)
- Tile Entities no longer tick when not needed
- Choice Items now work properly
- Rarity system added for boss drops
- HMs added
- Caught Icons added to Pixelmon while in battle
- Air Persistence re-added
- Cloning Machine added
- Trader, Fossil Machine, Cloning Machine, Apricorn Trees, and PCs are now considered to be Multi-Block
- No more kicking for standing on apricorn trees
- Dubious Disc, Electirizer, Magmarizer, Metal Coat, King’s Rock, Protector, Up-Grade, and Razor Fang added
- Chat in battle fixed up slightly
- Spawning completely overhauled
- Fixed some name bugs with /pokegive and /pokespawn
- Evolutions, and learning moves on evolution fixed
- Some minor experience glitches fixed
- Several new items added for later use

Pokemon Models(95 New):

Ampharos, Bagon, Bellossom, Bisharp, Blaziken, Blissey, Boldore, Carvanha, Chandelure, Chimchar, Cottonee, Crobat, Crustle, Combusken, Cryogonal, Dewott, Drapion, Duosion,
Dwebble, Electivire, Emboar, Emolga, Galvantula, Gigalith, Girafarig, Gligar, Gliscor, Golett,
Golurk, Groudon, Igglybuff, Infernape, Joltik, Klang, Klink, Klinklang, Krookodile, Kyogre, Lampent, Larvesta, Leavanny, Ledyba, Ledian, Litwick, Luxio, Luxray, Magmortar, Magnezone, Mamoswine, Minun, Monferno, Munchlax, Oshawott, Pachirisu, Pawniard, Pignite, Plusle, Politoed, Porygon-Z, Porygon2, Reuniclus, Rhyperior, Roggenrola, Sableye, Salamence, Samurott, Scizor, Scolipede, Sealeo, Serperior, Servine, Sewaddle, Sharpedo, Shelgon, Shinx, Sigilyph, Skorupi, Snivy, Solosis, Spheal, Stantler, Swadloon, Tepig, Torchic, Tropius, Venipede, Volcarona, Walrein, Whimsicott, Whirlipede, Wobbuffet, Yanma, Yanmega, Zoroark, Zorua.


Bulbasaur, Gloom, Ivysaur, Jigglypuff, Lapras, Lunatone, Magnemite, Magneton, Pidgeot, Snorlax, Solrock, Venusaur, Vileplume, Wigglytuff.

We've all been hard at work updating our servers and making sure everything is working. We have a live "Satellite image" hosted here for our Johto replica map. Anyone wanting to come check out our servers can find the IPs on our Enjin page here.

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