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The Playstation 4

#1 Feb 02 2013 at 9:58 PM Rating: Decent
Iron Chef Olorinus wrote:
Sandinmygum the Stupendous wrote:

But paying around $300 for a system and it's price get cut in half just a few months late..not cool. I'm looking at you 3DS. (was still worth it for all the free games they gave us, but still... they could have had the price low in the 1st place -.-)

Hve they even put all those games up on the eshop? i don't think they have, I dunno, if I'd realized I wouldn't be able to buy a lot of those games at all, I might have sprung for the more expensive price point to get them, since iirc there was a number I'd really like to have...

I'm not sure if they made it to the eshop. I only DLed the Zelda games iirc. They however are on w/e shop the Wii and Wii U can buy games from. I am glad they gave us something, but still...they could have sold it at the Now price, and people like you could have bought the games on the eShop.
Money for them...

My main concern is if they are going to implement that copy protection they were talking about that forbids you from using used games(or requires you to pay a fee to use them).

I work for a company that re-manufactures Turbos, and seeing/hearing what they deal with has changed my my views (because it is oddly similar) on the whole used game market. I'm so pro for used games now, that if Sony, Bill Gates, and Nintendo do implement a C.P that imo, it will be very bad for them. To the degree that I would boycott them.
Not everyone can buy games new.

See the same issue happens in my line of work. Not everyone can afford to give thousands of dollars for a new turbo for their diesel running engine (truck, tractor, w/e). Buying a remaned one is like going out and buying a used system/game. The top companies do not really like it, because they do not see any of the "extra" money that can be made. Well actually that is a slight lie, see they can. The contract with companies like the one I work for to do the re-man job (tearing down, sorting through parts, cleaning parts, and rebuilding Turbos to be sent back) so they can then have their own line of "reman" turbos to offer to the public. The Big companies might not offer the same protection plan as they would to new ones, but the buyer could still get that "named" item at a lower price due to being used.

Sony/Gates/Nintendo have not figured out a way to get more money from places like Gamestop, or any other big re-seller of used games (Gamestop is the big one around here, and then private owned places).

Same goes for the game companies making the game. If EA can not understand that people do not find their product to be worth the full price, the they have a major issue. When people stop buying their games at full price, it only seems natural that the company will go under in due time.
So what could game companies do? 2 options come to mind that I'm ok with (don't know about the rest of you).
1) Lower the **** price of games. Duh. This shouldn't even need to be explained why.
2) *Disclaimer: I am ok with this idea, for real* Make each game come with a code to unlock game play. If I sell the game, who ever buys it next will also need to buy a new Key Code. All the big game companies will need to see them plastic cards (like WoW time cards, Gamestop has a huge rack full of different game cards for all the online game out there for kids...) that give a Key Code. Scratch it off, register it online, get game. This is where game companies can make their money in the used game market. The only down side is the price. What would be a fair price?

If i take a $60 game, a week old, to gamestop and they give me $20 store credit (total ******* rip off, I don't actually sell my games to gamestop. I sell to friends for decent amount), and they turn around and put it on the shelf for $55, but the Game company sells new Game Key for...10? 20?....30 (half the price of the game)? The used game companies will have a hard time selling used game...
Catch 22 on this idea, but yea.

I think it would just be a very bad idea to try and cut out the used game market. I don't think it would end well for any/all the companies that would try to do some kind of C.P Lock.
I mean I've sat here and re-wrote this bottom half like 5 times (sorry if it doesn't make sense). I can not think of any good point to give to the idea. If anyone has one, please share.
Stopping bootleg games, is however, not a good reason to effect the rest of the "legit" people.
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