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"For only in death, is there silence"

* * * * * OPEN RECRUITMENT * * * * *

Warcry Official Website:
Warcry Facebook Group:
TeamSpeak 3: Contact Leadership for Info


Warcry is a professional guild, EAST COAST and WEST COAST, that has over 30 years of combined experience leading the charge. We are here for all of those people who are looking for that one place to call there home away from home and to assist/guide those who wished to partake in all the endeavors that TERA Online has to throw at them. We are looking for those players who are dedicated and loyal.

• PvPvE, Raiding, End Game, and Politics
• We laugh, joke around, and make EVERY day and night better than last
• FUN is what we are here to do
• A friendly and family oriented environment
• A sense of belonging and equality
• Accepting players who are all about dedication and loyalty
• Members will usually range from 18 and up. Anyone under 18 will be accepted on a “case by case” basis
• Maturity and adult attitudes are a MUST
• Guild positions will be EARNED and never given away
• Quest assistance is available to everyone at anytime
• No Whining, No Negative Racial/Sexual Remarks, No Boosting, and No Disrespect of any kind.
• “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy for discrimination based ***, race, ethnicity, national origin, and sexual preference
• Members are completely free to use our TeamSpeak 3[/i]

• To make sure EVERY member is geared with the best armor and weapons
• To ascend the political system and be known throughout lands
• To amass a “Guild Fortune” through careful manipulation of the economic system (i.e. Auction House, Crafting, etc) so that everyone can have Mounts, Armor, Weapons, and more.
• To be completely self-sufficient to where as our members will NEVER need to struggle in order to get what they need and whatever members needs, they can get it from the guild
• To reach End Game content and get everyone able to raid and experience the game in full
• To become the very best in all PVP and PVE content


• Overall management of The Warcry Guild
• Oversees operations of members and events
• Responsible for the well-being of the guild as a whole
• 8 years of MMO experience

Co-Leader, FinanceVALYYN
• Responsible for the management of guild finances
• Responsible for increasing the “Guild Fortune”
• Oversees the Guild Crafters
• Oversees the Guild Vault and all of its contents

Co-Leader, Member OperationsFANTASMIC
• Responsible for the daily operations of guild members
• Oversees the Guild Recruiters
• Makes recommendations for Promotions, Demotions, and Awards
• Immediate supervisor of Class Leaders
• Coordination of the guilds daily plans

Co-Leader, PvPvE & RaidingDECORUM
• Responsible for planning and leading Raids
• Coordinates guild PvP groups
• Responsible for all Raid loot
• Immediate supervisor of Assistant Raid Leader(s)

Co-Leader, Enforcement(vacant)
• Responsible for the Rules and Policies enforcement
• Handles all complaints
• Makes recommendations for Suspensions and Termination
• Keeps the peace in the guild

The Leadership of Warcry works together as a cohesive team to make the guild prosperous and a force to be reckoned with. This is NOT a dictatorship, as we always take the opinions and feelings of our members into consideration. Everyone is heard on important guild matters.

The “Guild Fortune” - *Financial Freedom for Members*

The leadership has been thinking of ways we can make sure our guild is at the top not just socially but economically as well. We must have a way of financing the guild as a whole. To do this some include: (1) Asking members to generously make donations to the guild bank if they can. (2) Have a designated group of voluntary Guild Crafters take some time to craft many different items and place them on sale, then placing the money from those sales into the guild bank. (3) Any other methods we find that work. The money is the Guild Fortune will be solely used to assist members who can not afford new gear and weapons, purchase Mounts, and other extremely important things.

• Awarded based on experience, time in the guild, dedication, peer support, and contribution
• When a position becomes vacant, we will inform the candidates, then discuss and decide.
• Officer Positions will require an Interview
• Can be taken away due to behavior or dereliction of duty
• Everyone is eligible to be considered for promotions and positions

Hopefully after reading this, you can see that we have our stuff together as far as organization, goals, and where we see ourselves in the future. All of this can be yours too if you choose to join us. We are serious, but not too serious.

Soulgadge, Guild Leader

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Sorry, I tried to find a guild recruitment forum, but didnt see one.
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Current Membership - 5 members

We are also still looking to fill some staff positions. We're really looking for staff that can really contribute to the overall success of the guild. Because the guild is fairly new, there is definate room for discussion on some of the guild policies.

Some areas we need help in are:
- Graphics
- Web Design
- Recruitment
- A few other officer roles.

The only people who should be trying to Staff our guild is people who can help, organize, contribute, and is here for the long haul.

Please contact me using the methods above to inquire about Staff positions or just to become a regular member.

Thanks everyone.
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We still are looking for Officers to staff the guild.

My contact info:

(facebook) Michael King Lee

WarCry Facebook:
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Please contact me anytime to join us.
#7 Feb 27 2012 at 11:04 PM Rating: Decent
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Welcome to all new members. We're at 17 members now.
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website has been updated
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website updated. new content
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Teamspeak server info added
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website updated
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site updated
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