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My new EvE online blog.Follow

#1 Jan 21 2012 at 3:12 PM Rating: Decent
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I just recently created a daily updated picture blog.
Will be updated everyday with new pictures and short descriptions,if anyone is interested.

Any feedback would be appriecated.
#2 Jan 24 2012 at 7:00 PM Rating: Good
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I really don't get what I am supposed to care/notice about those pictures. It's doubtful I am the target audience, however... but even the target audience might like you to write a short bit about each picture.

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lolgaxe wrote:
When it comes to sitting around not doing anything for long periods of time, only being active for short windows, and marginal changes and sidegrades I'd say FFXI players were the perfect choice for politicians.

#3 Jan 24 2012 at 9:42 PM Rating: Good
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I, as one of the few people on these boards that play EVE, am your target audience. And you need to add a lot to the blog.

For one, you need to talk about your fittings. Because some of them are weird. And context/narratives are important, too. For instance, the "camping" picture. Unless someone played EVE, they'd have no clue what they were looking at. Yeah, I know that it's a blockade on a null-sec stargate. But no EVE players I know are going to be interested in a screenshot of a camped gate.

What they WOULD be interested in is learning how you got through it (if you did). Were you recon for a larger fleet intending to take it back? What was the enemy fleet comp, what was yours? You have some odd fittings--what were you flying and why did you choose those?

Repeat for each picture.

Thing about EVE is that it doesn't draw a large crowd outside of it. And the other thing is that EVE players aren't going to be interested in screenshots of moons.
IDrownFish wrote:
Anyways, you all are horrible, @#%^ed up people

lolgaxe wrote:
Never underestimate the healing power of a massive dong.
#4 Jan 25 2012 at 10:21 AM Rating: Decent
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As another potential target (I used to play EVE myself) I don't know whats going on in those pictures. I understand that you are engaged in some fleet activity. Are you raiding a pos? out on a roam? camping a gate? defending home territory? The pictures don't say to much.

a quick google search landed me this blog

While it has no pictures, I found that the drake can do level 5 missions, not sure if solo or not the author mentions having 2 so I don't think it is. But still, it was a good read.

I suggest you write synopsis to explain the pictures and such. As for the pictures it does look like you are having a good time popping cans though.
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#5 Jan 25 2012 at 1:44 PM Rating: Good
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gaters gonna gator

Nice moon bro

Cool stabber bro

Yeah... Suffice it to say, I won't be visiting that page again.
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