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its nice to know funcom even fails at making free mmosFollow

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sucks,i was gonna try age of conan but i cant find where to make a forum account plus i think its incredibly lame you can only pick 4 classes out of the 12 that are availible

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CrunkJuice7 wrote:

sucks,i was gonna try age of conan but i cant find where to make a forum account plus i think its incredibly lame you can only pick 4 classes out of the 12 that are availible

Never played AoC myself, but from a quick look you need a retail key to get a forum name. That might mean buying the full game (or whatever their pay scheme is).

As for F2P itself, some a pretty good, some fail pretty hard. DDO and LOTRO made pretty good jumps to the F2P system, but most of their good content requires a subscription or micro-transactions. Glitch, on the other hand, has always been free to play and great. Then again you have games like LEGO Universe which failed so far that my review mentioned their F2P was really more like a trial than a game (you get like 20% of the content available). No wonder it shut (is shutting?) down this month.
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#3 Jan 19 2012 at 12:54 PM Rating: Excellent
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You get what you pay for.
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#4 Jan 19 2012 at 4:19 PM Rating: Good
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Funcom runs Anarchy Online, not a bad game imo.
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I tried AOC and did not care for it at all
#6 Jan 20 2012 at 12:55 AM Rating: Good
I have two level 80 characters in AoC. It's actually a great game. The F2P allows you to play a ton off content without paying. But the store is very very evil. It tempted me to spend more real money than I have ever spent on an MMO. I actually still have many months of a year sub I bought there left just becuase I wanted vet tokens to gear out my 80's a couple months back.

Now of course I am playing SWTOR. But the funny thing is my AoC characters are still gaining alternate advancement skills while I don't play becuse you set them up on timers and all I have to do is log in once in a while to set new skills. Plus I get offline levels for alts every 4 days. So I figure next time I am in between new MMO's I will pop in and play my alts.

It's really an underated game. They have added a lot of content and the game play is fun and challenging solo.
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#7 Jan 27 2012 at 11:14 AM Rating: Good
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Does the free version still "has teh bewbs"? I played that when it was first released and the first 20ish levels seemed pretty well done. Once you left the starter city, it became apparent that the first 20ish levels were where almost all their work had gone.

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#8 Jan 28 2012 at 5:48 PM Rating: Good
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They've got a new MMO in the works, actually, which has been looking pretty good. "The Secret World".
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#9 Feb 05 2012 at 11:28 PM Rating: Good
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Typical attitude from someone that doesn't want to pay for the game he's playing.

There are some good things about AoC, but I won't play it for 2 major reasons that I apply to all MMORPGs. One, I don't play games where you can buy items with real money that effect your abilities in combat, and two, I don't play games where the F2P players are mixed with the subscription players.

In my opinion, the quality of player has gone down hill in a major way in MMORPGs (I've played various one since the first year of Everquest). Most of them today have no clue what supporting the RP elements of an RPG with other people in it means, much less have any desire to actually play in a world as part of it. You don't have to get heavy into roleplaying, and I never have, but don't mar the experience of other players by naming yours "roflcopter", or "Ipwnnoobs" or the like in an RPG. (Those are great FPS names, but they don't belong in MMORPGs.) F2P players are even worse; they bring more of the mentality "I should get whatever anyone else in the game gets because I pay the same fee" mentality to the game, but expect to get it for free. I give you in evidence the OP here. They mark themselves by falling for the "F2P" tag to begin with; "Free to Play" isn't free, and figures have shown that game companies make more on F2P than on subscriptions - meaning, ladies and gents, you with your F2P account will likely spend more on whatever the game has for sale for real money than you would if you paid a monthly fee. You could play for free, but the likelihood is, you won't.

AoC has other problems as well, for me, what I want out of an MMORPG and in particular one called Age of Conan, but I still might play despite those issues, except for the above 2 which are deal-breakers. Some of what it has is better than most any other MMORPG out there; many players have played it since day one and still love the game, today. It's far from "all bad".
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