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#1 Sep 09 2011 at 7:13 AM Rating: Good
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So I'm in it. There are definitely some nice changes (and some not-so-nice ones).

For instance, you now have to stalk your prey to get an incognito bonus. Which is awesome--doing things like walking or hiding while they are in the vicinity will increase your gauge from discreet to incognito. I love it.

The only problem is that an incognito kill is still only a 350 point bonus. But a straight kill is still 100 points, which makes them even better than in the first version (where they were already too good). The top scorer in my matches is usually someone who goes like 10/10. They get some discreet bonuses with some other bonuses (like killing from a crowd, which is like 300 points), but never bother with the stalking mechanic.

One thing that's kinda cool is that there are now two different types of stuns. If you time it perfectly, your attacker will lose his contract and you'll get (I think) 300 points. If you are late (but not too late), you'll get a honorable death, where you manage to fight back some but still end up dead. These will give you some points, but even better they'll make your attacker's animation longer, so his hunters have time to find him.

Another change I HATE is that they literally consider you fair game the moment you spawn, even before you have your contracts. I've been killed SEVERAL times before I even get my first contract. And there realistically isn't any way to prevent it.

A change I'm on the fence about... You can get 700 point kills by doing aerial assassinations (maybe even higher--IDK). Being on the roof doesn't decrease your ability to stalk, and there are some areas where the heights are just too high for you to see if someone is lurking there. That gives them free kills, essentially, since there's no way to block them.

Also, I don't know if this is only because I'm in confined low-level matches or not, but there doesn't seem to be repeat models of the targets anymore. Instead, areas are smaller and more cluttered, so you actually have to spot them in a crowd. Which, on the one hand, is cool. On the other hand, while all the colors and models for the templar agents are similar (purely in the sense that they aren't super easy to pick out from a crowd like a doctor would be from the first), many of them are still too unique. There's only 2 hooded models, for instance, and one is white where the other is red--very easy to pick out. But the models that have turbans or caps are much more difficult to tell apart quickly.

I haven't gotten high enough to really try anything else out. I'm enjoying it, but I'm not enjoying the fact that the people who run around like idiots are topping score boards. ESPECIALLY not with how they added a stalking feature.


I think that there's no NDA (at least I can't remember one and googling it doesn't help). If anyone can confirm that there is, I will take this post down.

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Anyways, you all are horrible, @#%^ed up people

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