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#1 Aug 25 2011 at 1:56 PM Rating: Decent
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What did you all think of Guild Wars 2 in this years show?

I thought the Tequatl the Sunless looked awesome, imagine wondering around and suddenly seeing that. I was hoping not to watch much of the pre release content as I wanted to see the game fresh from release but I just can't help myself. Totalbiscuit put some nice videos out, probably the highest quality videos detailing the demo from the show. They were defiantly worth looking at.

One thing I'm disappointed with though is the lack of acknowledgement it got from some of the major gaming podcasts. In fact I don't think it even got a mention, it seemed Battlefield, Dota and Skyrim took all the limelight. It surprises me how little impact it managed to make in the news.
#2 Aug 30 2011 at 10:29 AM Rating: Good
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There were so much news and release previews that no single reporting entity can report it all. TotalHalibut did over an hour of video coverage of the GW2 stuff on his YouTube channel. Looking seriously good =)
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#3 Sep 04 2011 at 9:26 AM Rating: Decent
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Gamescom was a good showing, like last year. We've got a slew of new videos to drool over and skills to study. Tequatl the Sunless looked good and I liked how they talked about the secondary aspects of fighting a big dragon. I think there was a video that talked about protecting the cannon while still keeping pressure on Tequatl. Last year, some of the fights with the Shatterer looked like it was just a bunch of rangers standing around shooting arrows at an immobile purple monster, waiting to be killed (which by the way, still looked awesome).
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#4 Oct 13 2011 at 1:20 AM Rating: Decent
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I sort of lost hype simply because this game isn't going to come out until at least 2012...

Looks great, but I think november is going to hunker down a lot of gamers seeing how like close to a dozen big titles are dropping around november and in to the new year on pretty much every single platform.
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