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#1 Apr 30 2011 at 9:47 PM Rating: Decent
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Basically I'm a casual pvper. I'd lost interest, due to a number of reasons, but currently interested in gearing myself better to (win, losing for me is not fun, under most circumstances) try to enjoy some casual guild pvping.

However, I'm not familiar with info sources for PvP gearing strategies.

I'm mainly wanting to know the balance of resil stacking vs dps stats, gemming in particular. There are more gear options with each expansion (hello alliance/horde trinket variations) so it's getting more daunting.

Any input would be appreciated.
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#2 May 01 2011 at 12:22 AM Rating: Excellent
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What is your class and spec(s)?

The class forums over at Arenajunkies are really good as long as you manage to ignore 70% of the ******** elitism and trolling. Most of the sticky threads are really good though.

I'll split it in two, how to quickly gear up and what to actually get. Honor gains in 4.1 were doubled so good old fashioned random BG farming (or the chosen weekend bonus BG if it's one you like) is a great way to get lots of honor. Winning Tol Barad gives enormous honor; it is easier to win TB battles where you are attacking so try to enter those especially. Doing on wintergrasp battle a week just to do all the weekly quests is a nice boost too.

For almost every spec, you'll want pvp gear in every gearslot. Even trinkets with passive resi are often better than higher ilevel damage or healing power trinkets (there are some exceptions for certain specs, unheeded warning for sub rogues, crushing weight for rets, darkmoon card: tsunami for healers etc).

You'll want to gem for socket bonuses as well, usually int/str/agi in red slots, [primary stat]+resilience gems in orange and blue are very individual based on spec. It might be int+spirit for healers, spell pen for casters and so on. The resilience shoulder and head inscriptions are good too, i buy them with TB commendations.

I usually stick to getting one or two pieces per day just to remain sane. You can easily get an honor piece from an hour or BG farming, and getting a TB win and turning in the weekly quest for that can be 700+ honor in 10 minutes.
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#3 May 02 2011 at 2:30 PM Rating: Good
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rate up for ArtemisEnteri.

Also, there are some crafted PvP gear choices. They are not as high iLevel as the ones purchased with honor, but it's a decent way to get started on PvP gear. Hit up guildies, or check the AH.
#4 May 02 2011 at 2:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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I'm casual myself and not really following anything but the classes I'm playing nowadays (mage, warlock, caster druid). That said I'm hearing a fairly consistent hit cap -> spell pen cap -> stack resilience. Sounds like some people are satisfied with ~3k resilience and some keep going after that. Either way, there's not much of any 'PvE gear and burn stuff' mentality these days as far as I can tell.

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