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Favoite BG for honor and personal enjoymentFollow

#1 Apr 22 2011 at 11:53 PM Rating: Default
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There's the BG that you get the most honor from and the one you get the most personal pleasure from - do the two match?

My personal fav is still AV - off all the BGs I've been in, AV has the most "water cooler moments" ie/times when either offense or defense has completely sucked me into the game world and winning (or losing but not giving up) has seemed most important.

More often then not, AV has resulted in battle in which, despite the "***** it, let the other side win" situations have cropped up, I've been able to rally the Horde to say "F-it" and all go on D to fight to the last man even though logic says that letting the other side just win gives the best honor to time ratio - sorry, but an epic fight means more to me then fast honor - that's my idea of fun, saying "F-it, make the SOBs earn their honor" even if we have to drag out the battle to the last Horde KIA.

Strand seems to be my best honor gain though - when we suck, we suck hard, when we win, we p0wn, so it's fast, easy honor either way you cut it - 13m for the Horde to p0wn allies or 13m for allies to p0wn horde - wasting 20m with two evenly matched sides is the exception, not the norm.

Neither of the new battles impress me - a 3 cap in battle of Gil is the exception, not the norm, meaning a painful, drawn out fight whether Horde wins or loses, while the new version of AB more often then not results in worthless 0-0 battles - thanks for wasting 30m of my time for 40 honor.
#2 Apr 23 2011 at 11:28 AM Rating: Excellent
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Fun = AB

Honor = AV

I don't know what you're talking about with horde losing Gil; all lies I think. I've yet to win that on alliance. Smiley: frown

We came close once, 6/9 of us were healers. We all were invincible that game, but we still lost. Didn't have the firepower to kill off everyone defending a node before they re-spawned. Smiley: rolleyes
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#3 Apr 23 2011 at 12:28 PM Rating: Good
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Fun: WSG/AB only because I've seen some outrageous last moment shenanigans. Killing a FC, and reversing the flow of the game. Stealth capping a base, then sapping the poor bastards as they come to re-take.

Honor: AV, definitely. Although AV has become more of a PvE race, I still get better honor than elsewhere.
#4 Apr 24 2011 at 7:24 AM Rating: Good
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I like EotS with a good group the best. It is a very elegant BG with both nodes and a flag. People get flag happy which leads to epic fail too often. :(

AV for honor.

I really only dislike IoC and SotA. Vehicles don't belong in PvP IMO.

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#5 Apr 26 2011 at 7:33 PM Rating: Decent
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I like WSG/AB/Twin Peaks the best.
#6 Apr 27 2011 at 3:26 AM Rating: Decent
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I have mixed feelings about WSG. I used to hate, my alliance battlegroup stank and it stank worst there. Then I went for justicar and had to grind out honour in there, which is only available if your side caps. I had to learn to be a flagcarrier and not depend on any support. Luckily, it turns out gnome rogues are quite nippy and resourceful and I now have 350+ personal caps - but by the time I got justicar I'd grown to hate WSG, and all the 'gief flag noob rogue I haz stamina'. I lost count of the number of times I got the horde flag home, hung around a while and then took it back because nobody was even thinking of returning ours. The ungrateful undead (and orcs etc) would usually kill me for the favour. I left WSG well alone for a long while, but I've been enjoying it again recently.

AV has its moments, I still carry my trinket, for easy return to base and a game of cats and mouse while I retag our towers - then find I've still got it equipped in some other BG days later :s My most enjoyable battle was probably in AV, defending Vann with another rogue, a stranger but we tuned in immediately, an intuitive double act, and racked up kills. I enjoy getting horde in north DB to chase me down to the druids, too. I don't know if anybody's ever fallen for it twice, but plenty fall once.

EotS is frustrating, mostly. I generally slip behind the lines and see if I can force horde to fall back, but I usually end up just sapping their flag carrier while the rest of the team eventually lose the only base we ever had.

I like AB and to some extent Gilneas, which apparantly didn't simplify the concept enough for some of my teammates. I feel more personally useful there, getting sneaky caps and defends, though there's a lot of 'noob rouge ur dmg sux' from people who have no idea how to win. Thinking about it, my pvp spec is glyphed for sprinting on water (early strike on farm) and I can't imagine being without my parachute cloak for swift stealth trips from LM>BS or down into GM - so easy to cap GM while the numpties are getting slaughtered on their way in from ST, as a diversion. Useful idiots. So yes, it must be AB.

None of the new ones count...
#7 Apr 27 2011 at 1:11 PM Rating: Decent
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AB is the only BG I truly enjoyed. Most of the others were "meh" at best.

AV was nice for when I was cleaning out my DVR, though.
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#8 Apr 27 2011 at 1:26 PM Rating: Good
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AB and WSG are enjoyable, AB moreso than WSG.
EotS is doable although knockbacks suck *** in there.
AV, SotA, IoC are utter ****.
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#9 Apr 27 2011 at 3:48 PM Rating: Excellent
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PuG Battlegrounds, I love them all. Smiley: grin

WSG - 8/10 people go on the attack from both sides. The big groups ignore each other as they pass then smash the lone defender and single afk person defending the other flag. Then they return to their own side to turtle. Half the people turtle with the flag, the other half fight at midfield before trickling in one or two at a time in an attempt to kill the flag carrier. This continues until the timer (THANK GOD THEY HAVE A TIMER NOW!) expires.

AB - Group of 7-8 people moves around randomly taking bases then leaving them undefended. 3-4 bots run around solo getting killed on the road. That leaves 1-2 people defending nodes while getting sapped repeatedly by a bored rogue. That is until they get crushed by the group of 8 and get ******* at for not calling 'incoming' fast enough. Not that anyone would come, but it's the principle of the thing, duh. If you have enough bots you get 5-capped.

AV - Something like this:

"How much time is on the towers?"
"We need more people south/north"
"Is anyone a tank"
"I can tank"

The group trickles in a couple at a time and gets munched, and then complains about who isn't healing who. The other side kills your general while you're waiting alone in a tower watching the timer and praying no one notices you're in there.

EotS - If you have 1 tower you need to ***** at people to stop fighting over the flag; nevermind the fact that's where you were prior to your stint in the graveyard. If you have 2 towers you're supposed to argue over whether it's better to hold the flag or a 3rd tower; don't let it bother you that you can win either way. If you're dumb enough to be the only person left guarding a tower you are obligated to be ganked by rogues while complaining that everyone else is at the flag.

SotA - About the time you become euphoric about defending your gate you realize the other side didn't do so well. People call you a noob for fighting on the beach while they ignore the vehicles and try and take out a frost mage. When you switch sides you're given about 45 seconds to ***** about how much everyone sucked last round. As you get to shore someone finally asks "which gate are we taking?" Your group never gets off the beach.

IoC - The node you can't seem to take is the most important one. All the others are worthless because they don't have cool vehicles. Popping in half way through the battleground means you get to be farmed for honor when the other side decides not to take your keep's GY.

BoG - A mix between AB and WSG. It has nodes but you turtle like you're defending a flag carrier, despite the fact you can't win unless you take another node. Also, the one person who keeps wandering off alone should complain the other's aren't fighting as a group, that always helps.

TP - I dunno, random never gives me this one.
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#10 Apr 28 2011 at 6:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Twin Peaks is basically WSG =)
#11 May 02 2011 at 2:56 PM Rating: Good
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I go through phases of liking/hating all of them to one degree or another.

WSG - ran it too much back in vanilla, so just for that I don't usually like to see it pop. It is much, much better with a timer, though.

AB - probably my favorite. Good strategic design. As with all BGs, it can be frustrating as **** to get stuck on team without a clue.

AV - I think it is lackluster these days. Still good honor, but it's not really much of a PvP thing. It's mostly a PvE race. Ran this one a lot in TBC for welfare epics, so it's not really high on my list.

SotA - Seems pretty crappy for fun or honor. They all seem to be too quick and don't really allow for much fighting to develop...just a lot of chasing.

TP - I like this a little better than WSG. Subtle differences in maps, but I think it's an improvement.

BoG - not bad, but not as fun as AB, imo.

Sort of, kind of not a BG, but I prefer Tol Barad for fun and honor. The massive fights just seem more like what PvP should be like. It's really satisfying to get a good group cooperating and communicating.
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#13 Jun 04 2011 at 3:23 AM Rating: Default
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AV all the way. I wish they would make more BGs like that. Lost Isle comes close.
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