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So where do you guys get your information?Follow

#1 Dec 06 2010 at 4:29 PM Rating: Excellent
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I was in AB the other day on my Warlock defending GM with a mage. There was a hunter coming down the path trying to draw our attention (with lots of jumping of course). About the time he gets into range I get pounced by a feral druid. After I recovered from the surprise I used Death Coil and Shadowfury to get some distance, recover a bit of health, and started dotting the kitty up.

Anyway, long story short, we ended up holding the node. As I was sitting down to eat after the fight the mage whispered me "dude, you should have used the VW bubble."

My first thought was "Ah right," as I'd been away from PvP on the Warlock for a bit, and it always takes me a BG or 3 to remember all by CDs. My second thought was a more defensive "Well, we lived didn't we?" as I was pretty happy that I recovered from the surprise half as well as I did. My 3rd thought was an uncertain "Well that may have made more sense."

Either way before I could respond, or even get back to full health, we got attacked again by a group of 4. I died but we held the node again, thanks to a timely rez from the graveyard behind us.

Anyway this all got me thinking that most of what I know about PvP comes through trial and error, or random half-tips like from Mr. Mage there. I'm aware of Arena Junkies, and have found a mixed bag of both useful information and clueless epeening there. But I don't really know of any other sites where I can get some tips and tricks; except here of course. Smiley: wink


So does anyone have any places they like to visit for PvP info/tips?

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#2 Dec 06 2010 at 5:14 PM Rating: Decent
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I was born with PvP knowledge.

Just kidding, mainly what I get info from is from talking to other PvPers, PvP videos, Arena Junkies, etc.

Mostly PvP videos, though.
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#3 Dec 08 2010 at 3:54 AM Rating: Good
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It depends on how much you want to learn and what for.

I have a few method besides the normal trial and error.

1) Read the patch notes. It's insane how many people miss an important change for their class. Following mmo-champ or a similar data-mining/reporting site can fall into this category.
2) Keep in touch with others that do PvP. Join them for games/duels as you see fit.
3) watch movies. I bet you in a week we will see movies start trickling in for rated bgs on warcraftmovies.
4) I read blog. They also have a live stream section. They have a few warlocks streaming I believe.

Arena junkies is also useful of course!

Overall it is just important to keep up to date with the game :)
#4 Dec 08 2010 at 8:28 PM Rating: Good
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This is going to sound horribly wrong, but most of what I do in PvP is instinct.

I've watched PvP videos and had people tell me to click Rend and other useful stuff in ye olde Arathi Basin BG chat, but I'm horrible at multitasking and when I'm fighting, my adrenaline is sending my heart into 200 BPM overdrive (no kidding). Basically I mash buttons and often win because I'm **** good at mashing buttons.

What little skill I incorporate in my PvP is based on my six years of having played the same class. A "modern" Feral Druid would probably not dream of using stuff like CC and heals and LOS to his or her advantage. Now, mind you, I don't do Arena, so this "modern" Feral Druid is on the same level as me in terms of difficulty. It's your usual random BG person. And I don't mind talking smack about these Feral Druids, because I've seen my share of them.

Having played a Druid for so long, it's on my backbone. I'll Maim someone, shift out, Innervate the healer/caster, heal myself, shift to Travel Form, run away, shift to Cat Form, stealth, reopen and win. Not because I'm good, but because it comes natural to me that my Druid can move faster than others on foot, can stealth, can heal, can replenish mana (although Blizzard sort of kicked Innervate in the gonads for us Ferals).

I've done some PvP with my Druid as a Resto healbot. I had (have) about 200 resilience in my "PvP gear" and yet I ended up doing the most healing and with just one death (as opposed to three or six). Not because I'm just a mad skilled PvP dude who spends his nights watching Arena videos (I spend my nights watching Starcraft 2 replays, but I still suck at Starcraft 2, lol). It's just that I know how to utilize my class to what I think is the maximum profit.

Call it mad improvisation skills if you want, but I tend to not get locked into one specific mindset when it comes to PvP. That's why it's so fun - it's never the same fight.

And I guess a lot of it boils down to trial and error, since you can't really have six years of experience without having failed a lot of times. Well, maybe if you're Theo, but us Earthlings can't.
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#5 Dec 09 2010 at 6:07 PM Rating: Excellent
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Arena Junkies is fine, but the fact that it's about, well, arena, makes it a little less useful for someone who's only interested in battlegrounds. The two are pretty different.

I get a lot of info here, of course. Alla has a handful of PVPers who are both knowledgeable and patient with people who want to learn.

Otherwise, really, from doing. Eventually the same things work or don't work in a recognizable pattern.

I've actually never had anyone whisper me in a battleground with advice.
#6 Dec 09 2010 at 8:22 PM Rating: Good
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For me it is pretty much trial and error with all my classes. I just read my tooltips and see what does what, then figure out a good way to use them. There is also alot of swearing involved.

Been levelling a kitty recently and I only today realised I was ganking wrong. Before I would stealth-charge-tiger fury-ravage-mangle until ferocious bite. It was fairly effective but not so much against healers. Today I learned what I could be doing is stealth-pounce-mangle-rip-run away, get a little bit of distance to feral charge and ravage. That should be me at 4 or 5 combo points so I tiger fury for max energy and ferocious bite for the lols.

Now to a long term feral player all that might seem fairly obvious, but all I wanted to do when I started in Battlegrounds was sneak up behind someone and use my hardest hitting attack.
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