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Unfairly banned and can't get my account backFollow

#1 Aug 09 2015 at 6:41 AM Rating: Default
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If you want to delete this post I'll understand but at least I'll keep people aware of Blizzard's horrendous customer support or even find actual help for myself instead of the usual "You deserve It" posts.

From January 2015 to April 2015 I was away from the country, from the czech republic, working. I left my computer behind, with NO access to my WoW account or even the account. What I did not know was that my brother somehow had my password all along... so whenever I was away for weeks, (Or this rare time, 4 months) he was able to play on my chars and play without much restriction sadly.

Me working most days I didn't notice any such things, until I -noticed- the like 4 warning messages on my account, when I decided to borrow a friend's laptop and check my email. I called up my family immediatly, 4 warnings are no joke and I've played WoW for 10 years back then, now almost 11 years. I called up our mother who told me my brother was indeed playing on my account, on my chair, on my PC, on wow... that's when I knew he had my password somehow. A week later I came back and smack talked him (Not smacked him just talked lol), since the call he wasn't on the PC at all. From then he admited he liked wow and he stole my password a year and a half ago, now 2 years ago to sometimes play on my chars, and me working most days I barely remember where I'd leave my chars off so It didn't cross my mind, right? Make sense.

Now It's the beginning of April, two weeks later I get an email about ACCOUNT CLOSURE, reason? Harassment... he was harassing a girl that "Dumped" him months and months ago, he was technically "Stalking" her Ingame, that's why he wanted to play so much... well he learnt his **** lesson now... he's 16 I remind you, young and idiotic, he loved this "Girl" or even Catfish, I didn't have the heart to give him that possibility. So after the ban came In, I obviously made an appeal, It got the standard answer "We checked, you're banned, bye" second ban appeal... was much quicker, within 2 minutes the same automated answer "You're banned, bye" and that's when I found Blizz services barbaric, that second GM barely investigated anything within 2 minutes...

I work in a hotel, I value my customer, your hotel IS the customer, without them - no hotel.

So I kept making ticket after ticket, explaining my situation in a calm, rational and logical fashion, explaining my situation. At first I tried to say "I did It, Im sorry.. won't happen again" obviously I wanted to not put the blame on my teen brother... cause.. family. He confessed It all after the account got banned. He even wrote an apologetic letter to the abused girl and she forgave him for It all.

Well 4 months later... I don't bloody care, It's his fault, he stole my account in some technical term, he abused my account, I gave him NO PRIOR INFORMATION ABOUT MY ACCOUNT... he somehow saw me type down the password very long ago and kept It for himself. Watched me how i logged in and played so he could copy me later.

When I was away for work for those 4 months, I COULD NOT PREVENT HIM FROM DOING ANYTHING... he was the purpotraitor of all this, he did It... and Blizzard, still won't unban me.

Better yet... after 160+ tickets, 20+ emails, 10+ live chats, 2+ phone calls... they reply to me today with this:

Hello <Account Owner, me>

Your account penalty will not be reviewed further under any circumstances. Should you continue to abuse our customer support ticket service, we will be forced to take further action against your account, up to and including the temporary or permanent suspension of your existing game licenses.

We consider this matter closed and further tickets regarding your account closure will result in the above.


Customer Service.

I'm sorry, but what abuse exactly? I'm TRYING TO GET MY LEGITIMATE ACCOUNT BACK... They -KNOW- for a fact, my brother did all this and I did not give him prior access, I did not compromise my account, I never shared my account, HE technically hacked/hijacked my account when I was away...

I want to make people aware of this injustice, and to show why among other reasons WoW is loosing Subs... and maybe by some slim chance someone here can help me or knows a GM I can contact outside of which is doubtful but I am desparate.... I've been playing wow for 10 years. Every. single. month. paid. for. and still they can't get past this little stupid mistake my younger brother did.

I can't find insults worthy enough or to release my anger in a worthy enough fashion to show my displeasure at this HORRIBLE Customer Support I've had in the last 4 months. One of those months I even remained silent... made no tickets, tried to show kindness.

All I wanted to do this year... was to go to work for a few months away from the country, get some extra dosh, come back, play wow... but now the Overlord don't see me worthy enough to play again after I pay them for nearly 11 years now to PROTECT my account from this kind of thing. I provide them with proof I am the real owner of the account and still the overlord's persist.

Thank you... if you want to detele this post I'll understand...

Edited, Aug 9th 2015 8:43am by TheVaryag
#2 Aug 09 2015 at 2:07 PM Rating: Excellent
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I work in a hotel too. If a customer's younger brother purposefully shat a bed while the customer was out of the room, I might not allow him to come back either. Just sayin'.
#3 Aug 18 2015 at 8:27 AM Rating: Good
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This guy? Again? Same user name, same story, MMO-C. Small problem, look at his post history and read the earlier half dozen or so posts he made.
In Chinese: glasses are yanjing; eyes are yanjing, and the beer of Beijing is Yanjing. When speaking, the difference is in the tones. Did I just order a glass of beer or a glass of eyes?
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Doubled! See below.........

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#5 Aug 18 2015 at 6:37 PM Rating: Decent
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You play by Blizz's rules my friend. They have handed down a decision and you have little choice but to abide by it. The ToS is pretty clear on this. They hold the right to make a decision on issues such as this and you agreed to be held to thier decisions as the final judge in all things related to the game and your account. You may not like it but there it is. Whatever else you may or may not have done is pointless now. They have decided. Done and over with.

The universe didn't wake up this morning and decide "Hey, I think I'll notice this Guy or that Girl." Those kinds of things were set in motion long before the universe itself was awakened.
#6 Aug 18 2015 at 6:42 PM Rating: Decent
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Or, perhaps...did you order a glass of beer to cry your eyes out into? lol. Love the signature :)
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