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#1 Jun 01 2014 at 9:38 PM Rating: Excellent
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Happy Dragon Boat Festival! How did things go for you?

WoW: Lag has been horrible, as have disconnects. I'm not sure if it is local, national, or something with WoW. I've been managing to get some LFR in anyway and I've had fun. I went back to the regular Alliance toons because they're on a Beijing server and things seem to be a bit smoother for them. It has been interesting and even a bit confusing to see the Alliance and Horde versions of SoO so close together. I'm even having decent luck on drops!

RL: Dragon Boat Festival sneaked up on me. I get to put some of the paperwork off until tomorrow. Tiger is getting the new store in order in Wuxi, so SoO it is.

Here's hoping that the RNG was nice to you! Let's hear some tales.
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#2 Jun 01 2014 at 10:39 PM Rating: Excellent
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I didn't post any goals, as I wasn't even sure I'd put any WoW time in...

As it turned out, I played quite a bit and had fun.

I've been on an extended break from WoW since late February. I've also been working out of town on a ten days on, four days off schedule. So, I haven't had much time or inclination to play. I was borderline dropping my sub, but wasn't quite ready to quit. The other problem I had was guild related. I was playing on a low pop server. When I logged back in a couple weeks ago, the guild had been disbanded. So, I decided to restart on an old server that I had a couple level 80s on from Wrath days. I still have a couple friends on the server, so I thought I'd look them up...well, I wasn't able to touch bases with them, but I did get invited to the guild they're in. It'll be fun to catch up at some point. We go back to TBC days.

Anyway, I leveled my 80 Druid to level 86. The Cata stuff just flew by. With rested XP, some heirlooms, and dungeon runs...I was through Cata in no time. Playing on a high pop server (merged servers) was actually a lot of fun. It was great to see people again in leveling zones. It was a good change from vacant zones on a low pop server. I plan on playing casually and having fun. I'm out of town again anyway, so I won't be playing again for 10 days regardless. Storing up rested XP all the while...

RL-tried to cram in some quality time with the wife and take care of miscellaneous crap during my four day break. Had a pretty relaxing, but productive long weekend.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
#3 Jun 02 2014 at 12:35 AM Rating: Excellent
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TherealLogros wrote:
Had an operation last Monday on my right wrist so that hand is next to useless for a few weeks. Accordingly I'll mainly watch movies and tv shows this weekend. Had a pretty fast run through HBOs Oz and think I'll finish up the last 10 episodes. After that I finally want to watch Twin Peaks. For movies I got Snowpiercer and World War Z ready. Don't have high expectations for either of them but maybe they'll surprise me.

As far as gaming is concerned I'll only be able to do the Hearthstone dailies plus a few pet battle dailies in WoW.

Still have 5 episodes of Oz left. Caught up with some other shows too. A friend came over on Saturday and we watched Once Upon A Time In The West, which I enjoyed. After that we played a bit of the LotR LCG. I also started Snowpiercer, but so far I did not like it.

Did the Hearthstone dailies and the manageable stuff in WoW. Can't wait to get back into 'real' gaming as soon as I'm fully recovered, though.
#4 Jun 02 2014 at 6:09 AM Rating: Excellent
Games: Wilderstar early access starts tomorrow around noon my time (i think). So I'll be creating my character, hopefully picking a name I can deal with, and new game.
-WoW: I may try to get Hunter to hit 90. He is a little under half way there. So BG, LFG, and the quest line to get into Valley of 4 winds, he might get there.

RL: Maleficent comes out today. I'd like to see it. One of my brothers showed interest to see it, so maybe we hang out and go see it.
-Have a trip next month, I need to sit down and figure out what I really need to take and have it "done".

But 1st... Work.

Weekend went by in a blink.

Wildstar. It is fun, to me any ways. Basically all I did was play it. Managed to get to level 15, and buy the 1st mount. Did a little PvPing, and it seems..i don't know.. No one is OP, so going 1v1 comes down to who can use stuns and big DMG dealing actions 1st, while getting out/dodging (you can dodge attacks) said attacks.
I have a spaceship for a house.

Played no WoW.

Did not go to the movies.

I did buy Mario Kart 8...but Wildstar.

It is Monday already...

But yea, game plug... If anyones is needing something to do between xpack, check out Wildstar.
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#5 Jun 02 2014 at 9:25 AM Rating: Good
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Gaming - Hit 200 paragon last night, gained maybe 5 levels on my Sorceress and did get a little gear for my crusader.

RL - good visit with granddaughter could have done without her mom ... It rained quite a bit so activities were limited. Did some laundry and cleaned a little, worked in the garden when it wasn't raining. Watched a few movies and Game of Thrones, Odd Thomas is a good quirky movie if you have netflix and 2 hours to waste.

Week - no RL plans, might go see Maleficent. Will keep working on paragon points and try to get my wife to PL a few toons for me.
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