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#1 May 18 2014 at 11:43 AM Rating: Excellent
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Well, technically it's Monday over here! I'm going to get this posted before I try to crash, the work day may be a bit hectic.

WoW: I stalled out on the old Horde Hunter at 54% of the way to 90. I had burned all of my rested XP, wasn't getting dungeons, and just wasn't up to grinding quests or pet battles into the wee hours of the morning. I did manage to cap VP on the Death Knight, got the Paladin more than half way to cap, and had at least a bit of success on gear drops. Predictably, the Paladin got the 2 Handed Mace from Nazgrim, but the DK missed every shot at upgrading his Yuangol Fire Carrier. Thanks to a bit of trouble sleeping, I even made a bit of progress on my old Rogue. I ran all over the place collecting BoA gear at level 86, and pretty well ignoring level 90 mobs. Good thing I couldn't fly! Smiley: lol

RL: It is BBQ and beer season here, so I kicked off the weekend with skewers of mutton, fried mushrooms, and several mugs of beer. Tyger checked in to let me know she is OK and was all kinds of sweet.

I'm more or less rested and ready to take on the week! I suppose that means the weekend was a success. Now, let's hear your stories!
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#2 May 18 2014 at 3:55 PM Rating: Excellent
Still is Sunday here, but meh why not now:

New PC is finally in my house! So I will be getting it dialed in (Need to DL 3 main games I want on it, D3, WoW, Wildstar).
Will probably renew subscription to WoW if I get all of it installed over the weekend.

Games: See above. If I manage to get to play anything... I'll be happy.

RL: Work 1st, PC, Racing Event tomorrow, nothing really planned Sunday. I do need try and buy a few pairs of shoes for work. I break shoes down within 4-6 months :3 Maybe if I get 2 other pairs and alternate they will last longer lol.

Edit: Oh and GODZILLA!! I really must try and find time to go see it.
Basically this is going to be a busy weekend and that kind of sucks.

-PC is freaking awesome. I used the company Xidax ( to build it. So far it just purs. It is also REALLY big. I'll see if I can get some pics...maybe later. I do need to resub to zam here.
-Thank god for External HDDs. It made getting WoW, Wildstar, and D3 on the new PC only take about an hour rather then having to DL and patch the games. I need to see how much the next level of internet cost. I'm with a not-but-it-is-monopoly internet company.
-Went to racing event. Got sunburned. It was ok. Waiting for the next vehicles to get to the line made it boring, and then there were major time gaps between events. Basically was there for 5 hours, and saw about 1 hour of stuff.
-Got shoes. A pair of Osiris and DC :p
-Godzilla was neat. Hopefully more movies to come. Hopefully. "They" could release a collection of the old movies on BluRay, that would be neat as I do not own any of them.

-Played D3 on max. It looks was cooler.
-Played a few of Wildstar, on max, it is a pretty game :D
-Yet to resub to WoW but I'm sure it will happen soon.

I still have daylight for a few hours. Started DLing some of the games on my Steam account, now that I can really play them in all the glory the deserve.
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#3 May 19 2014 at 8:17 AM Rating: Excellent
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Missed the friday thread because I was at a conference out of town ... did not have any major plans though...

Gaming - played D3 quite a bit. Got my Witch Doctor to 70 and starting to work on gearing. Got a couple of set pieces for my Crusader and hit 160'ish paragon points, I started at 144 friday so was happy to get that far.

RL - got back friday night and played games and watched a movie with the wife. Saturday was much needed grocery shopping and a visit from the grandbaby; followed by Godzilla - it was good but not fantastic. Sunday was R&R and we finally moved our turtle pond outside!!! Life is all about small victories right?

Gotta start working out this week and plan to continue the push to 200 paragon points, maybe join a guild for rifting.
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