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#1 May 12 2014 at 5:22 AM Rating: Excellent
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On days like this, I miss WeChat and Tuzki stickers. Monday has arrived, don't gloat, it is coming for you too.

WoW: Due to excessive amounts of real life, I didn't get quite as much DMF done as I might have wanted. I did manage to get my old Horde DK to 90 and still had enough time to run him around TI and get him into a couple of raids. The RNG dropped several upgrades for me, including a pair of trinkets. Overall, the weekend felt successful.

RL: My friend's celebration stretched across Friday and Saturday evening. Friday was a sushi and sake binge, Saturday was Xinjiang food (lots of roasted mutton) and beer. He seems to consider the weekend a success.

Now, let's hear your stories!
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#2 May 12 2014 at 5:47 AM Rating: Excellent
-Keep on keeping on in D3. Not that I'm limiting my self, but hopefully next week my new PC will arrive. After I re-install all games, I plan to hop back into WoW for a few weeks before Wildstar officially launches. Speaking of Wildstar, it is in Open Beta, so if anyone(s) want to try it out, now would be the time :p
So with that, I may hop into Wildstar to run around or play in character create screen (really don't play betas to "play" the game, because I just have to do it all over again when it goes live lol. I explore and create characters)

-Friday: I took today off. Here soon I'm going into town to do my laundry and swing by the post office to pick up a package they would not leave (because I have to sign for it). Once we hit the PM, a few of us are going to go to a concert/backyard wrestling event. It will probably be oddly entertaining.

-Sat: Unsure

-Sunday: Mother's Day. Will be spending time with my Mothe

-RL: Went to concert, had fun. Saw some family members. Sold my ipod gen 5, dealt with customer service via Amazon and UPS, spent time with my mother. Back to Monday Smiley: mad

-Games: played some D3. few paragon levels, few rifts ran, some upgrades. Logged into Wildstar for a few. Really didn't have time to play much this weekend.
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#3 May 12 2014 at 10:00 AM Rating: Excellent
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TherealLogros wrote:

- Do some mount runs on my main. <- Not really.
- Make gold. 293k now and I want to break the 300k as soon as possible. <- Made 3k.
- Earn some Conquest Points. Need the 550 PvP weapon for moar pew pew. <- Won one random BG and that was it.
- Guild raid on Sunday. <- Killed some bosses we already had on farm. Nazgrim HC survived thanks to many disconnects and other failures. Hopefully we'll get him tomorrow before the ID ends.
- Some daily stuff on my alts. <- Did some of that, skipped some of it. Maybe I need a WoW break. I find myself having more and more reservations about logging in.

- Get some Paragonlevels and gold in D3. <- Yep! Not Torment-ready yet, but on Hardcore that's a pretty scary step so I have no problem taking my time.
- Do the dailies in Hearthstone. <- Yes.


- On Saturday go out with friends. Nothing big, just some beer and talking. <- Added some shots and some longdrinks. Was pretty wasted on Sunday.
- Visit the gym. <- Thanks to Saturday night I found myself unable to do this. Smiley: lol

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#4 May 12 2014 at 12:07 PM Rating: Good
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Gaming - did not get to play much as I had guessed. Got to about paragon 127 last night and cleared some rifts and bounties just goofing around.

RL - was a brief and tiring weekend. Baby was not having pictures so had to scrap that, visited my parents and in-laws for birthday/holiday celebrations. Yesterday was a plumbing problem I could not get straightened out and some gardening with the wife.

Week - plan to gain some more paragon levels and max out a witch doctor or barbarian for another character to play/gear.
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