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#1 May 04 2014 at 10:07 PM Rating: Excellent
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O frabjous day! Monday again. How did things go for you guys?

WOW: I know, flex is supposed to be the new thing, but the guys in my guild are young and would probably make a pack of terriers on Red Bull look calm. Given my aging reflexes, LFR is more my speed. I did a full clear of LFR (all the raids) on my old Horde Paladin and had fun. Most of the drops were, of course, worse than Timeless gear, but I did manage to get the giant blue butter knife to replace my 450 BoA blade. Overall, the weekend was a success.

RL: I don't recall if I've mentioned it. It came out that Tyger isn't really helping her friend with a new business, they've opened a store together. She didn't want to tell me until everything came together because she was afraid I'd worry. The good news is that it is a heating and air conditioning store and there is a good chance they'll make decent money. The bad news is that it is going to keep her busy in the south for the next few months -- overhead was lower there and she trusts her friend. Ah, well. I'm taking on extra hours for summer school anyway.

Let's hear your tales!
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#2 May 05 2014 at 5:56 AM Rating: Excellent
1st 8 hours of work.

Games: Try to get to cap in D3 on Crusader. It is also a legit beta weekend in Wildstar, may poke back in it and play a bit.

RL: Sat- Free comic book day. Will be going to the comic store I visit, to get my holds and free comics. I also plan to go see the new Spider-man movie as the big Theater with the groovy 3D screen is in the same town.
Other: It is Morel mushroom season, hope to find more. Should be a good weekend.
-I also need to clean my desk off, I have a new PC on the way and I'm going to need to not have so much junk on it as there is atm.

-Capped on D3, now doing the End game thing. In a clan with a friend who runs higher stuff, so when there is an open spot, they let me tag along (helps in the getting better gear faster market).
-Played a little Wildstar. One month away before it goes live. I think I set up my g13 the way I want it for the game, just now need to get familiar with where I put the buttons.

-Got free comics. Got all the ones I wanted but one -.-
-The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a really good movie.
-Was a great weekend to go hunt mushrooms, but I sadly ran out of time.
-Got my new glasses, the world looks so much better without scratches and blurs in the way (old pair was 5-6 years old lol)
-Cleaned out desk, new PC wont be here til like next week, but the monitor will be here Wed. Going to be a Desk of Monitors lol.

Now a 4 day work week!
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#3 May 05 2014 at 7:36 AM Rating: Good
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Gaming - got 70 on my crusader and made a witch doctor that my wife power leveled to 56'ish; got to about 105 or 106 paragon as well. No gear upgrades for my demon hunter, all of my gaming time was spent leveling the crusader or witch doctor.

RL - friday was visiting parents and in-laws. Saturday I got free mulch from the city and mulched a flower bed, did a little yard work, and played d3. Sunday was cleaning up our patio so that we enjoy it more, plotting out a turtle pond and buying supplies, laundry, and prepping brass for reloading.

This week will try to max out the Witch Doctor and work on more paragon points when I am not putting together a turtle pond.
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