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Weekend Goals (31 Jan 14) 马年Follow

#1 Jan 30 2014 at 6:26 PM Rating: Excellent
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The Year of the Horse is upon us and the first weekend is about to begin! Some of you are getting married. Some of you have fancy new mounts. Let's set some goals and get ready for stories!

WoW: I'm taking it easy. I plan to keep hitting pet battles fairly hard, burn off some rested XP on lower level alts and try to get at least a couple of level on my alternate Alliance Monk, DK or Horde Druid.

RL: Things are better than they were a few years ago. Instead of just rolling up the sidewalks for a few days, more places are staying open or at least open for part of the day. Tyger is still home in Guangdong, so I'll probably stay inside and get some rest. Fortunately, I stocked up on game cards.

How does your weekend look?
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#2 Jan 31 2014 at 1:56 AM Rating: Excellent
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Not much. Passed one exam last week but have another one coming up next Friday. So I'll have to prepare for that. Watch a few movies and TV shows in the downtime (plus WoW of course Smiley: smile)

- See if I can attend a ToT HC raid tonight. Still need some kills in there.
- Guild raid on Sunday. Need to catch up with my guild and get those Protectors + Galakras HC kills they scored last ID. An upgrade or two wouldn't hurt either.
- Finally finish up my Wintergrasp meta.
- Level my mage. He's 88 right now.
#3 Jan 31 2014 at 5:44 AM Rating: Good
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Since the earth continues to do its best to freeze me to death, I will not be going outside if I can help it.


I have no clue what I'm going to play. Because there just isn't enough time in the day...

My general goals (none of which will happen this weekend, but I'll work towards them):

1. Finish FFXIII-2
2. Finish the Bravely Default demo for the bonus goods when it's released.
3. Finish LoZ: A Link Between Worlds
4. Finish The Last of Us
5. Level more classes in FFXIV and begin to access endgame.
6. Level more classes in TOR, for the stories.
7. Beat the Elite Four in Pokemon XY
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Anyways, you all are horrible, @#%^ed up people

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#4 Jan 31 2014 at 7:03 AM Rating: Excellent
Friday: Work during the day, watch Bad Grandpa tonight, play WoW.

Sat-Sun: No idea. Probably play WoW. I also have to go visit a laundry place, because our washing machine broke last weekend -.-
So I need to find some quarters...
Super Bowl Sunday. Might go hang with some friends, and watch the commercials.
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#5 Jan 31 2014 at 11:10 AM Rating: Excellent
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WoW - I'll say I want to get to 87 on my druid, pally, and priest, but it's unlikely to happen. See RL below.

RL - Hockey tonight. First game of the playoffs. It's a double elimination format. My realistic goal is to shoot for a 3rd place finish. There are two teams that simply don't belong in the same league that will most likely be 1st and 2nd. Of course, I'd like to win it all, but I'm not delusional.

I want to continue on my guitar project. I'll have to see about returning or fixing my sander that broke last weekend. I also need to pick up some Dremel bits so I can get the paint off the hard to reach spots in the cavities.

Unfortunately, I am under the gun on a report at work. So, I am likely to spend much of the weekend at work. So, WoW goals are probably not going to be met, and I probably won't have time for the guitar project.

Hope everyone has a great weekend (better than mine promises to be, for sure)!
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