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#1 Jan 27 2014 at 5:43 AM Rating: Excellent
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Monday! How did it go?

WOW: Despite being distracted by a massive pet battle binge, the alternate Alliance Monk made it about halfway through Cata and the alternate Alliance DK made it to Northrend. During major holidays, we've been getting the Korean netbar buff and that has been nice.

RL: Things are already starting to shut down for the holidays, so it was a good time to stay inside. I did have to venture out and get some food today, but now I have emergency rations like canned tuna on hand. Tyger sent pictures to hold me over until she makes it back to Beijing.

All in all, it was a good weekend for small successes in WOW. Now, let's here some tales from the other side of the planet!
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#2 Jan 27 2014 at 6:21 AM Rating: Excellent
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Went to a birthday party on Friday and to another on Saturday. Sunday was ****. Double hangover yay.

Also my guild finally downed Protectors HC. Sadly I could not partake in the kill due to some internet issues. That felt rather bitter because just before my disconnects started we had them at 1% and then wiped on the enrage. So close...
#3 Jan 27 2014 at 8:02 AM Rating: Good
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RL: It snowed and I did nothing.

Gaming: I played FFXIV all weekend. Got my Whm from 46 to 50 (cap), so that was nice.
IDrownFish wrote:
Anyways, you all are horrible, @#%^ed up people

lolgaxe wrote:
Never underestimate the healing power of a massive dong.
#4 Jan 27 2014 at 9:47 AM Rating: Excellent
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I wrote:
RL - Hockey tonight. We're playing the last-place team (we're tied for 3rd out of 12 teams), so if we play up to potential, we should win. My personal goal is to get a couple points, but the W is the big thing to try to lock down 3rd for the playoffs. I want to work on the guitar project I didn't do much on last week. The weather is gorgeous here right now, so sitting in the garage for a bit should be easy enough. Other that than, just typical mundane stuff.

WoW - I'm not really motivated to push hard on anything in particular. My leveling trio (pally, druid, priest) has just entered Jade Forest. I'm going to have to check out places to branch off, so I'm not hitting the same quests three times in a row. I do want to hit up some dungeons. Definitely a fast XP gain, and a way to skip the quest railroad. Maybe grind some Lion's Landing commissions on my DK...we'll see about that one.

RL - Hockey did not go as planned. We lost 5-4 in a shootout. Blech. I think half the team thought because we were playing the last-placed team it would be an easy win. It should have been, but we only played about 1/3 to 1/2 of the game the way we are capable. 1 assist, +1 for me. Should have been more, my line had some really close chances that just wouldn't go in. And, would have been +3, but 2 of my minuses were just completely lazy plays by the defense. Oh well, on to the playoffs next week. We'll be the 4th seed.

Got a solid start on the guitar project. Spent about three hours sanding down the body. I got about 90-95 percent done, but had to stop because the sander broke. Doh! I managed to remove two layers of paint and two layers of varnish (1 original, and 1 my first repaint effort 20 years ago) and got it down to bare wood. I still need to do that last little bit around the horns, and in the electronics cavities. I think I'll try the dremel in the cavities, but they don't have to be perfect anyway. Just need to rough them up so I can apply the adhesive shielding. Anyway...

WoW - Got the trio up to 86. Nothing too intensive. A few dungeons, a little leveling. Also spent time on professions. Maxed out JC on the pally, and enchanting on the priest. Tailoring is close on the priest, and inscription is close on the druid. My big takeaway from the weekend, I need to be better at tanking on the pally. Up until Cata and MoP, tanking is brainless. I'm now finding I'm not doing a good enough job. Some of it is (re)learning the instances, some of it is rotation, some is gear as I'm replacing heirlooms and Cata gear. Regardless, I need to get better. Either that or switch to Holy on the pally. But, I'd rather stay prot, I do enjoy the playstyle.

Other - messed about with Minecraft. Finally used MCEdit to cut and paste some things I just didn't want to grind to make again: enderman farm, iron farm. Kind of feels like cheating, but the **** with it, I made them before, so it counts.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
#5 Jan 28 2014 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
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RL - Painting I despise thee!!!! Bought supplies on Friday, started prepping and sanding on Saturday, 10 hours of sanding later, the bathromm still wasn't done .... Sunday was anouther 4-5 hours of sanding and scraping, then a couple hours of cleaning and calling it quits. Was sick yesterday from dust/weather and didn't move a whole lot. Wife finished texturing last night so the bathroom is good to prime and paint.

Gaming - did not play Tera except for 30 exhausting minutes saturday night, did not accomplish anything. Did play quite a bit of War Thunder and unlocked some british planes, was my only accomplishment.

Weekday - have to prime and paint and re-do some plumbing and electrical, then re-hang all new towel bars and put up the finishing touches on the bathroom. Taking a breather tonight so will get some Tera in more than likely.
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