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Weekend Goals (10 Jan 14)Follow

#1 Jan 10 2014 at 8:10 AM Rating: Excellent
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Wait, it's Friday? OK, let's get things rolling!

WOW: I finally made the push to get my 3,000 gold and safari hat. My elderly computer managed to handle three copies of WOW long enough for me to discover that I could summon my DK to Pandaria using the summoning stone in the Vale. Yay! He's now parked in my favorite pet leveling spot, in heirlooms, with rested XP. You can see where this is going. Saturday evening, I need to knock out DMF quests. Sunday, I may see if I can push my newest Monk to Outland.

RL: If I'm lucky, Tyger will be able to break free from work long enough to have dinner on Sunday. With Spring Festival about to hit, she's putting in a lot of hours to get the new store running.

Alright, you slackers! What are your plans?
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Gaming: I have the ESO beta to look forward to. Hopefully it will be better than the last session. WoW is on lock down sub ran out so no WoW(prolly wait till expac comes out)

RL: Going over to my aunts house tonight for supper with my fiance and visit some didnt get to see them at the holidays. Also getting a picture from her of my Grandmom for our memorial table at my wedding in 3 weeks. Also have final settlement for the reception hall to do on Sunday(great there goes my savings Smiley: eek)
Also going to watch some football some not really rooting for anyone as my Eagles got ousted last week Smiley: oyvey
Good gaming to all!
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WoW - after spending too much on heirlooms and pets, I'm feeling pretty poor. So, I think I'm going to focus on making some money. My plan? Run a bunch of dailies on my 90 DK. It won't be big money, but it will be a reliable boost to my bottom line. I think I'll work on Order of the Cloud Serpent rep, too. I still need those pets. And, hit the trainers for easy money and a chance at battle stones.

Probably mostly parking my 80 trio (druid, pally, priest). I may dabble a bit on each of them, but I kind of want to build up a heap of rested XP. I'm not in a big hurry to get to the Cata content anyway.

RL - Hockey tonight. Late game again. I'm hoping to keep my 3-game scoring streak going :-) Saturday probably not much. Clean the house. Hike with the dog. Sunday, a friend is having a birthday party. So, that should be fun. Maybe sneak in some Xbox One time while I'm there.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and receives RNG blessing.
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