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#1 Jan 06 2014 at 5:37 AM Rating: Excellent
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Thus, the first weekend of the year has been downed. Did you get loot? Are there tales?

WoW: Got the Mage to 90! This is an accomplishment for me, it's the first time I've leveled a Mage to level cap. I got a couple of levels on the DK, but I got distracted by pet battles since DMF is in town. I had to level the right pets for the fight, but I got lucky and got the Darkmoon Eye on my second success. The RNG was so generous that I also got the Darkmoon Hatchling in one of my prize packages.

RL: I ended up as guest of honor at a dinner. A book that I'd helped with, and contributed to, just got published. Seeing my picture inside the cover has to count as proof that I'm getting too darned old and having to act respectable. Tyger is working overtime trying to get her new shop on its feet and hoping to be able to go back to Guangdong for Spring Festival. We barely managed to get time for her to look at the new book.

How did things go on your side of the planet?
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#2 Jan 06 2014 at 7:03 AM Rating: Excellent
did not make any goals, but here is what I did:

WoW: One daily on my DK, few raids for the 6 week part quest (I'm on week 3). Got some decent gear and upgrades. Almost to the point where I need to do Flex or get back into (casual) raiding to gain better gear.

Leveled a Druid to 26. Will plow as much Stockcades as I can today, it is the fastest dungeon at this level and as a new healer it is not bad. Also druid I ever actually get to cast a healing spell? I just over heal to do something >.>

RL: It snowed. There is 11 inches out side. it is -6 where I am, with windchill it is like -30. I can not ever remember it being this cold before.
Not going to work today, would be foolish to try as roads are not great and yea...being safe is better then being stuck in a ditch having to walk in this cold.
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#3 Jan 06 2014 at 8:55 AM Rating: Good
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Gaming - busier weekend than anticipated so only played for a couple hours. I'm still in FPS shooter mode so War Thunder is what I am playing. Researched a few new planes and started the japanese section and seem to be more fun.

RL - friend over friday was fun, saturday was cleaning and more plumbing fixes. I swear with every fix I perform I find 3 more that need to be done, my next few months I might have enough experience to get a professional license ... sheesh! Yesterday was visiting family all day long, so not much was accomplished beyond talking.

#4 Jan 06 2014 at 11:37 AM Rating: Excellent
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I wrote:
RL - Hockey game tonight. little as possible. I'm in the mood for a post-holiday loafing weekend. Take the dog hiking, but otherwise relax.

WoW - I'm going to be overly ambitious and make lofty WoW goals, which I probably won't reach :-) Level the 77 druid, 77 pally, and 77 priest to 80. Hit DMF to upgrade some heirlooms and get professions points.

I just started the Brawler's Guild, I may end up spending too much time on that trying to get up to level 4. My impression so far is that the fights are really not very hard, just move or die type things. Gimmicky and overly long. And, the run back from the graveyard is annoying. Anyway, I just want the pet and then I'm done with it.

RL - Won our game 6-3. I had a goal, two assists and was +4, so I was pretty happy with my game. Loafing weekend went well. Went hiking a couple times, but nothing too crazy. My dog didn't feel well for a couple days (who knows), so I took it a little easy on him. He's a trooper though and has to get his exercise even when he's under the weather. Putzed around the house a bit, went out for Greek food (meh), Mexican food (not bad), and watched a couple movies: Stay (meh) and Anna Karenina (interestingly done, but kind of meh)...oh and re-watched Let's Go to Prison (love it).

WoW - Overly ambitious goals met. 80 on druid, pally, and priest. Mostly did it on Friday and Saturday, then didn't feel much like playing on Sunday, so I didn't get all the DMF stuff done yet. I'll get to it asap, though, because I need the heirloom upgrades now that I'm at 80.

Skipped the Brawler's Guild for now. Just didn't want to deal with it. As I said, I just want the pet, so that's my only motivation for doing it.

Rhode, grats on the DMF pets. That **** Eye eluded me for a long, long time. Glad the RNG was kind to you :-)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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