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Well, some of you may be taking an extended holiday, but it is already Monday evening here!

WoW: Got my old Mage to 87 with pet battles, as planned. After that, I got distracted by my altoholic tendencies. You see, since these are my old accounts they don't have any Goblin, Worgen or Pandaren characters on them and that means I'm short on those racial pets. Thus, the foppish Worgen DK, Beauwolf was born. I attempted to justify it by deleting the alternate hunter I had started to level with my daughter back in the day. For good measure, I gave the DK Alchemy and Mining (I already had tons of herbs stockpiled) and one just has to get things up to speed. Fun was had, I'll call this one a success.

RL: As I expected, Tyger got hijacked on her birthday. Worse yet, her boss just sold the store and she is taking a new job, further away (albeit in the same district). On Sunday, she managed to get a bit of time free to meet with me and tell me that everything would be OK. It seems she's serious about us as a couple, so I'm actually quite happy.

Happy holidays! Let's hear some tales!
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RL: I started to feel like crap around 3pm on Friday, I was basically sick all weekend and only started to feel ok at about 3pm yesterday (sunday) after finally getting some better meds to take. But that did not stop me from...
-See the new hobbit movie, going and spending a lot on comics, and getting a gift for my mother.

WoW: I did the 1st 2 parts of SoO. It is 3-4 months old and I somehow in 4 runs (took me 2 each to clear -.o) get stuck with very bad players. I learn quick, so yea...what do others not, or not know by now what to do -.-

New Timeless Isle, I have no idea wtf I'm suppose to do there? I do the daily to kill 20 elite mobs...and the daily that asks a Lore question...but is that it?

Is it hard to get 15 pets to max level?

Yay to coming back to WoW! :p
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#3 Dec 23 2013 at 12:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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Is it hard to get 15 pets to max level?

There are probably better places, but I've been doing my grinding using the spot behind the inn in Mistfall Village. The visible pet captures are water striders, usually backed up with civets and a stinging flyer. I've been using two moths at max level and feeding the XP to the pet I'm leveling. You have a decent chance that the striders will open with something that you can survive, even at first level. If you have bad luck and get poisoned, the stable master is just around the corner and will heal your pets. YMMV. On my server it is a known location, but not heavily farmed. Leveling a new pet goes by fairly quickly there.

In Chinese: glasses are yanjing; eyes are yanjing, and the beer of Beijing is Yanjing. When speaking, the difference is in the tones. Did I just order a glass of beer or a glass of eyes?
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I wrote:
RL - Probably going to be a busy weekend. Two work holiday parties to attend, one Friday, one Saturday. Hockey game Friday night, which will put a damper on going to crazy with food at the Friday party. Probably a good thing. It's going to be a late night Friday, so I expect I'll be pretty worthless for half of Saturday. Last minute Christmas stuff to do, of course...wrapping, getting food for Christmas Day, figuring out what I'm going to get for a friend and getting it. Overall, it promises to be hectic.

WoW - I managed to get the Rotten Little Helper on my first try, so I don't have to sweat that for the whole event. My main goal this weekend (and into next week, since I'll have some time off :-) yay!) is to level my 74 druid, 74 pally, and 74 priest. 75 is the immediate goal, so I can level professions, but pushing toward 80 is the bigger goal. Other than that...maybe level some pets, hit Timeless Isle on the DK, and maybe work on a reputation or two in Pandaria. I really need to do the Celestials (?) so I can get those pets, but doing the dailies is just, I'll probably procrastinate that even longer.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Holidays!

RL - As expected, it turned out to be a busy weekend. Fun though! Work party on Friday was a bit subdued. I had a hockey game that night, so I didn't go crazy with food or beverage. White elephant gifts went over well. The Wax Vac (ear wax vacuum) definitely drew some laughs. Hockey game on Friday night was a close one. We dominated and should have won handily, but had to take it to a shootout to win 5-4. I had a goal, so I'm riding a 2-game scoring streak. Yay!

Saturday party for my wife's company went well, too. They rented the VIP room at a hipster bowling alley downtown. Food was good. Bowling provided something to do, and it was a good time. I'll count today (Monday) as a continuation of the weekend, since I'm off anyway. The wife and I went on a quick roadtrip up to Sedona today. Weather was gorgeous and the scenery fantastic as always. Had lunch at a little hole-in-the-wall place...yummy fajitas...then drove back home. Now for the crazy part of the week starting tomorrow...

WoW - Well, I managed my primary leveling goal, but only just. Druid 74-->75, Priest 74-->75, Pally 74-->76. I could have done more, but I got seriously sidetracked. I was out in Northrend on Friday for a quick look for the Unborn Val'kyr pet. While there, however, I stumbled on the Time-lost Proto-drake. My heart was racing. I was on the 74 pally, so I wasn't sure I would be able to down it. But, I didn't want to take the time to switch toons and travel to Northrend, so I decided to try. Well, it was a pushover and the pally took it down easily. Not sure that would have been possible in the past, but it is now. Anyway, I was stoked. I've been looking for the Time-lost Proto-drake for a long time. Unfortunately, the pally didn't have artisan riding. So, while I was still on a high, I quickly realized I didn't have enough gold for the required artisan riding. Oops. I've spent a lot of money recently on heirlooms and pets, so I didn't even have enough across all 6 of my toons on the server to pay for artisan flying (the price of starting fresh). And the mount isn't BoA, so I couldn't send it to my DK who does have artisan flying. Well, that led to my distraction of the weekend: scrabbling together the money for flying. I hit the AH to sell some ore, but I decided to take another, decidedly inefficient, path...mysterious fortune cards. I thought, what the ****, I'll see if I can hit the lottery. I didn't, but I made a few hundred off the 200 or so cards I made. Time waster? Sure, but ***** it. My play style isn't really about maximizing efficiency these days anyway. It was fun seeing if I could get lucky. I finally did get the gold together and bought artisan riding. The T-L P-D isn't the most impressive looking mount ever, but **** it was cool to finally get to take it for a spin.

Oh, and I'll use my extended holiday weekend to try for my original goals of working the druid, priest, and pally toward 80.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and had the RNG gods smile on them, too!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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#5 Dec 24 2013 at 6:55 PM Rating: Excellent
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I didn't really have any goals.

But I'm off today through January 1st. So. Smiley: grin
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Anyways, you all are horrible, @#%^ed up people

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