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When the fit hits the shanFollow

#1 Dec 18 2013 at 1:38 AM Rating: Good
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I don't tank. I don't heal. Among other things, my Chinese isn't up to it. Still, every once in a while, something happens. It may be that I queue for a scenario and find we need someone to soak or heal damage. It may be that the tank d/c's or goes down to a bad pull. In those moments, one can drop group or one can step up and try to fill the gap. Recently, I've had some good fun with that kind of moment.

For example, I was with an otherwise good group when the healer dropped out. Not surprisingly, I see the message pop up about "xiao D" and guess they want me to switch to Resto. Nope, I'm the other druid, I'm spec'd Feral and Guardian; trees are there for me to sharpen my claws, you want me to turn into one? No way! Still, the wait can be boring and the DK tank decided to see if he could pull some of the mobs. In a complete violation of min/max-ing, wearing not one speck of caster gear, I decided that I should try to heal him (the other DPS was a Hunter). Granted, Cenarion Ward is OP at TBC levels and healing a Blood spec'd DK isn't exactly rocket science, but it amused me. Sometimes it is nice to step outside of the 'optimal' play style.

What are some of your "fit hit the shan" moments?
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#2 Dec 18 2013 at 5:57 AM Rating: Excellent
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I did Mogu'shan up to Elegon in the hopes of him dropping the mount (yeah, right). Group was pretty overgeared. Noone under 600k HP etc. When we were pulling Gara'jal I might have casted a bit too early. Since he is apparently immun to taunts I then tanked him the complete fight. As a Shadowpriest.

Pretty clear sign of escalating itemlevels, I'd say.
#3 Dec 18 2013 at 6:51 AM Rating: Good
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Rhodekylle wrote:
Not surprisingly, I see the message pop up about "xiao D" and guess they want me to switch to Resto.

On the European servers, I sometimes see "Ciao xD" when the healer leaves. **** cross-realm LFG, and **** Italian players!

Rhodekylle wrote:
I don't tank. I don't heal. Among other things, my Chinese isn't up to it.

Dialogue is not required to tank anything you can access without a premade group. Most LFR I've run have featured silent tanks. While leveling, dialogue is virtually nonexistent in dungeons.

Anyway, one of my favorite "oh shi-" moments, since Blizzard gutted my favorite class (*sob*), was when I joined a 5-man heroic group as Resto Druid just as the tank left, and one of the damage dealers decided to pull a bunch of crap in Mogu'shan Palace. I popped Heart of the Wild and tanked the pull without any other healing than what I could do through Ysera's Gift and Rejuvenation.

I like Heart of the Wild, but the cooldown makes it very, very, VERY situational, and now that you can't run hybrid builds anymore, I rarely ever get to do anything other than what I signed up for. Makes it such a grind.

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#4 Dec 18 2013 at 8:32 PM Rating: Excellent
I got into tanking because of oh **** moments with my, at the time, frost DK. I was pulling aggro and basically had to come to a complete stop, but doing so made a simple random dungeon take way to long. The healer told me to not hold back, and they did a fantastic job of keeping me alive.
Turned out tanking wasn't really that bad, so I rolled a warrior, bought ever BoA he could use, made/bought him the best gear I could with enchants and proceeded to level via Random Dungeon finder in just a few weeks. I learned that tanking can be: super fun and in a split sec become the hardest thing to do (and thus becoming very stressful).
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#5 Dec 19 2013 at 1:12 PM Rating: Excellent
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My first fun moment was down in Gnomeregan back in early BC I think. I was on my priest at the time, and got recruited into a run while I was back in town from questing.All went fairly well for a time, until the point we all jumped down into one of the big open center areas from an upper ledge. Four of us managed to land and scurry up to the wall before anything happened, but the 5th guy, well, oops. Smiley: rolleyes

Aggro one pack, maybe almost finish them off, aggro another pack, and on and on and on. The tank is running in circles, the hunter's pet is handling adds, things are getting kited everywhere, I'm eying an ever diminishing mana bar and gaming the 5-second rule every chance I got, but they kept coming for what seemed like and eternity. In reality it was probably only 4 or 5 minutes, and when it was all said and done, me, the hunter, and one other DPS were still standing (tank was lost during an OOM moment, and the DPS that pulled the bunch was splatted before we all knew what was happening). The room was pretty much clear of anything that would wander our way and we were all sitting around trying catch our breath and congratulating each other. Epic fun, and one of my favorite memories of WoW.

Other crazy moment that comes to mind was on twins, back in the filler content of tier 9. It was the first time our raid had been to that point, and after the typical run-through of the fight, the other healer sent me a PM just as we were pulling that was along the lines of "so wait, what's up with this color thing?" She lasted about 30 seconds, and a battle rez by our helpful boomkin added another 15 at most. I don't remember much of what happened after that really. Less fun, and more just RJ spam. Lots of RJ spam. Very pumped to have finished, but at the same time this was our group getting back together for the first time since we split following difficulties getting on the snow piles at Hodir in Ulduar. A rather foreboding moment, and reminder that the same problems that gave us grief before weren't going to go away anytime soon.
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#6 Dec 19 2013 at 11:16 PM Rating: Excellent
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I used to play a game in HM 5 mans where I would keep the tank at sub 20% health for the entire run. Nothing like sweating the tank. Some tanks got it and laughed, others got ******

One memorable run the tank tried to face pull then let me get heal aggro and die. I popped Righteous Fury and healed through the pull while dps killed adds. I then trolled like a boss. I really am a bad person.
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