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#1 Oct 20 2013 at 9:35 PM Rating: Excellent
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Still pretty wiped out. A stuffy nose and apnea don't play well together.

WOW: I did my best to crank through the holiday dungeon with all my 90s. I'm already getting the feeling that another year will pass without the mount dropping. I wish that they'd at least update the gear drops to be useful to a wider range of characters. For regular stuff, I managed to get my old Hunter to Pandaria and through level 85.

RL: The Tyger was extra sweet.

Here's hoping that you all had a good weekend!
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#2 Oct 20 2013 at 11:49 PM Rating: Excellent
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All goals, Wow and RL completed this weekend. Kudos go to my guildy who educated me on the openraid website. Without that I would have never finished off the Celestials this weekend. Even managed to get my first shot in on Ordos right away, and as a bonus a flex raid on the Underhold with my guild.
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#3 Oct 21 2013 at 1:07 AM Rating: Excellent
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TherealLogros wrote:

- Attend the wedding of a friend which will take a good chunk out of my weekend so apart from that I'm not gonna do much. Not that I want to complain. Weddings tend to be great occassions and I'm looking forward to it. <- Was a fun night.
- Visit the gym, if only once. <- No. Now I feel like a very fat f**k.


- Do the Eventboss everyday on all three of my level 90 chars. <- No mount so far. Smiley: mad
- Raid on Sunday evening. <- Went pretty well. Got all bosses down we killed last ID and had Thok at 21% in our last try.
#4 Oct 21 2013 at 9:50 AM Rating: Excellent
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Missed Friday - was lumberjacking (sort of)

Purchased a new outdoor firepit last week so took friday off from work to chop some wood for said firepit. A lot of hard work but got a truck load and got to try out the firepit, life is good.

Friday/Saturday was step-daughter friends over and a birthday party. Played a little video games saturday night and cleaned house.

Sunday was rest and video games, gained about 12 levels on an alt and did some of the festive activities.

Week will be getting serious about my website and trying to get some clients. Some video games will be had.
#5 Oct 22 2013 at 12:50 PM Rating: Excellent
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I wrote:
I'm a little late posting goals, but here goes:

43 Pally - Get some levels...I'd like to be pushing 50 so I can up professions, but I'm sure that's a bit too much wishful thinking.
44 Druid - Ditto.
66 Priest - Level towards Northrend.
89 DK - Hit 90. This will be my main goal. It won't be hard. I've been unconventionally leveling using pet battles and archaeology and it's going surprisingly quickly.

Of course, these goals will depend on me playing Terraria a little less :-). I just picked it up for $2.50 on Steam. It's a fun little Minecraft-like game.

Octoberfest party on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately followed by a hockey game Saturday night. I had planned on eating and drinking a bit too much at the party, but my team will be short-handed, so I really need to play tonight so they're not screwed. That means taking it easy at the party. Oh well, a brat and a beer will do just as well as 2-3 brats and several beers. The rest of my weekend will likely consist of the usual cleaning and maintenance around the house crap.

Late posting goals, late posting summary. :-)

Goals got rearranged. I dinged 90 on the DK and everything else sort of went out the window. I was running around checking out some of the new 90 content and miscellaneous messing around. Part of which was getting exalted with the guild. It's so easy now, it's a joke. I went from revered to exalted in a day. The holiday buff helped a bit, but they definitely made guild rep a lot easier than it used to be. I just joined a week and a half ago and I'm already exalted. Checked out the new Isle stuff...phew...I need to gear up more. It's definitely not tuned for fresh 90s. Got a huge 100 ilevel upgrade while I was there. Also ran the HH and got the upgrade. A little rough going, being a fresh undergeared 90, but it's nothing too difficult, so it all worked out.

Pally and druid both got a level, but no intensive playing at all. Priest...nada.

Octoberfest party was fun, but having to play the same night put a serious damper on eating brats or any over-indulgence. The hockey game seriously sucked. We lost 10-0. It was a total blowout. The team we played has no right being in the same league. They are definitely a higher caliber team. We were short-handed with only 8 skaters, but they blowing us out by the middle of the first period, so that's no excuse. Normally, being short-handed wouldn't start to make a big difference until the middle of the second or into the third period. Oh's just rec hockey, so nothing to get too worked up over.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a good start to the current week.
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