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#1 Sep 30 2013 at 3:40 AM Rating: Good
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Alright! Let's hear how you did!

WOW: I've been having such limited luck on Brewfest that I went ahead and pushed the DK to 90 just to have another shot at mounts. I finally got the kodo to drop this morning, now I need the ram. I'm still having fun with the island. Between that and Brewfest I'm not getting much LFR done.

RL: The weather has been overcast and cool. It has been a good time to stay inside and play WOW.

Now, back to vacation for me. Smiley: nod
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- Since I got lucky and have both Brewfest mounts now as well as the trinket for my freshly dinged 90 Rogue, all that is left is to farm ~100 coins to get the chest piece of the Brewfest clothing and get drunk in Dalaran. Bought the missing pet a few days ago so I'm nearly done with this event. <- Done. Have now everything one could wish from the Brewfest.

- Level my next alt to eventually get this. Given my leveling speed that will take a while. Since I want all professions maxed my goal are 6 capped characters (one of them Horde). Yeah... Smiley: lol Shaman is 45, Mage 53 and Horde Monk 17. Thankfully heirlooms can be sent crossfaction as long as both characters are on the same realm. We'll see how far I get this weekend. <- Mage up to 57, Shaman still 45 and Monk now 19. As I said, I'm sloooow at leveling.

- Run FL, DS, Ulduar and Throne of the Four Winds for the mount and legendary drops. <- Did FL and made progress on the Legendary quest. No mounts. Ran Mogu too and no luck with the mount there. Will try to do DS, Ulduar and TotfW tonight or tomorrow before the ID resets.

- Level my Rogues professions. JC is at 195 and Leatherworking at 290. <- Yes. JC is unchanged but LW is up to 471. Quiet expensive. :(

- Raid with my guild on Sunday. <- Did that. The first 4 bosses went down again. Then wiped about 2 hours on Galakras. Finally the guild listened to my suggestions (two camps in the last phase) and we downed him the next try. Juggernaut went down in 3 tries, too. No loot for me though. Smiley: frown Hopefully we'll down Dark Shamans tomorrow.

- I have 11/12 for the Gurubashi achievement and want to finish this up. <- Yes!

- Only three victories missing for the Wintergrasp veteran so I'm going for that too. <- And yes again. Smiley: cool


- Visit the gym. <- Did that.

- Do something for my diploma. <- Little bit. But any progress is better than no progress.
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If it makes you feel better, I don't even play the game in question anymore and I still post here. Smiley: lol

RL: Work out. My mother's birthday is tomorrow, and I need to figure out what to get/do for her. It's not going so well.

Gaming: I have the Kingdom Hearts remix I haven't touched all week because I've been too busy. But I'm really in the mood to play an MMO. But I'm still burned out on FFXIV.

But I'm also itching to do another run-through of Mass Effect...

RL: Mother's celebrations got relocated to this coming weekend, because she couldn't do it on Saturday or Sunday. I did work out... sorta. I mostly slept and lazed about. I need to get more sleeping done...

Gaming: Played some KH. Bought a 3DS and Fire Emblem: Awakening. That's about all I did.
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Anyways, you all are horrible, @#%^ed up people

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#4 Sep 30 2013 at 10:24 AM Rating: Good
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Game - gained 2 levels on an alt, played a total of 30 minutes give or take ...

RL - dont remember friday for some sad part ... saturday was shooting with a friend and then cleaning house in preparation of a party. Sunday was usual relationship issues, more house cleaning, and getting my office together. Did not get a chance to do my more serious business list, will work on that this week.
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