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#1 Sep 15 2013 at 3:12 PM Rating: Excellent
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Just had my first raid night in this new instance. Well, I cleared the available 4 bosses in Flex already but that doesn't count. We managed to down three bosses and had a short look at the fourth. One or two more kills should be possible in this ID.

So far I really like it. The difficulty seems to be slightly more forgiving than ToT was when it was released. And I think that's a good thing.
Immerseus was rather easy. We had one wipe because many people didn't know the encounter at all and had to see it before fully understanding what to do. Protectors has a slightly ramped up difficulty and took us three or four tries. Norushen presented us with the first challenge. We tried it several times with changing tactics until we found the one that worked for us. Then it was all about execution. Had one 0,6% wipe (gnnnn) and after that we downed him. That was a really satisfying kill.

Has anyone else set foot in there yet? What are your impressions so far?
#2 Sep 16 2013 at 10:19 AM Rating: Good
We downed Thok the Bloodthirsty last night.

The raid seems to be much more easily tuned than ToT Normal mode was. At least, it starts off easy. It seems to ramp up pretty well actually as you go on, with Thok providing us our first real difficulty. As you move on, bosses start becoming more of a gearcheck as the raid needs tighter and tighter dps. Malkorok and Spoils of Pandaria both have hard enrage timers than instakill you, and Thok is made much easier with good dps (though it really is more of a healer check).

The first four bosses are fun and require a good amount of coordination (except for Immerseus, who is going to be this tier's loot pinata boss). Sha of Pride is a bit of a pain, too. Galakras is cool in that you work with the NPCs and it makes it start to actually feel like a Seige. Iron Juggernaut is huge and impressive, and the mechanics are pretty cool. Dark Shamans is completely chaotic and intense, and pretty fun. Nazgrim is... boring. I don't like that fight at all, as there are periods of "don't attack the boss!" where you just stand there and wait for him to jump out of Defensive stance. Malkorok is tight, and you can't ***** up or else the healers can't heal you. Spoils is cool, but you really have to have good dps, and the same with Thok.

that's all I've seen so far. Some of the bosses are easier than others, but they all seem like they will provide a decent challenge. I do like the ramp up of skill in this tier, it seems like there aren't that many bosses who are vastly harder than others (except for Thok, again. Seriously, **** that guy).
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