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#1 Jul 14 2013 at 8:47 PM Rating: Good
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It's a rainy Monday morning here and the frogs are whooping it up! It sounds like I've got a flock of ducks outside the window.

WOW: I got my old main, a Troll Warrior, to 90 and had fun seeing the Horde side of the rebellion with him. I made a bit of progress on the alts, but spent most of my time doing the fresh 90 routine. The Horde side AH is dead and this is a different account from the one most of my 90s are on, so gearing and rep grinds are going slower.

RL: It was a quiet weekend and I stayed in.

Devildawgs wrote:
There is a part of me that wants to go /stabby on you

See, you must propitiate the RNG! You will require one bottle of Lemon Hart rum, a nubile assistant, and a chicken (I suggest baked).
In Chinese: glasses are yanjing; eyes are yanjing, and the beer of Beijing is Yanjing. When speaking, the difference is in the tones. Did I just order a glass of beer or a glass of eyes?
#2 Jul 14 2013 at 10:19 PM Rating: Good
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Long weekend for me - off until Wednesday.

RL: Might have some sort of graduation dinner for my brother's girlfriend tonight. I want to go and visit my old bosses tomorrow. Might have some fun with my sister early next week.

Also, Steam Summer Sale.

Gaming: Finish checking out the FFXIV Beta, since this is the last of the Phase 3 weekend. After this, it's just open beta and launch. The game is looking, feeling, and playing great. I just need to decide what I want to main.

I'm still playing through FFXIII.

And, you know, new Summer Sale games.

RL: Graduation dinner, check. Other two, nope. Was going to visit my bosses today, until I came down with a fever. Right in the middle of my long weekend. /sigh

Gaming: Played FFXIV beta and a fair bit of FFXIII.
IDrownFish wrote:
Anyways, you all are horrible, @#%^ed up people

lolgaxe wrote:
Never underestimate the healing power of a massive dong.
#3 Jul 15 2013 at 6:09 AM Rating: Excellent
what I said I'd do: wrote:
RL: Sat is Ribfest in my town. So there will be Ribs to eat tomorrow evening.
Maybe go see an eye doc and get a new pair of glasses ordered and more contacts.
Maybe go paint

WoW: RNG can suck a carrot. I've got one more mogu coin to try and get one tier token from LFR this week. All I want is a 2pc :3
I need to cap VP i guess, no real reason to do so as I'm not past that 3k VP Legendary quest...but now... I need secrets and I have no idea how I get them...
Maybe...and this is probably not going to happen. But maybe level another one of my my Warrior.

RL: Tried to get drunk all day Saturday, but I either didn't drink fast enough or the hot blazing sun pulled all the booze out me as a faster rate. Ate ribs and drank into the night. Made it home after going sober for a while.
Sunday: I poked around here and there. I can drink all night but I still end up waking up stupid early the next I was basically a walking zombie yesterday.

WoW: I played my DK. I did get some loot from LFR, some I thought maybe was bugged but it turned out to justbe some of the gear that can drop off any of the bosses so it really isn't in the Loot list (kind of weird..) and a few other upgrades.
I've decided to keep trying to cap VP each week until so I can upgrade all my gear (250 and upgrade, 1k = 2 fully upgraded items).
I've also decided to try and kill all the Named rares, I think I'm walk way (Pandas and Fish dudes suck)
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#4 Jul 15 2013 at 7:46 AM Rating: Good
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Game - no huge plans so nothing to accomplish, level my alt a little bit and helped my wife get to 80 on her ranger. Almost maxed out one of my tradeskills, so should have that done tonight or tomorrow.

RL - was a relaxing weekend, not a whole lot of cleaning was accomplished but did play more games than anticipated and made a ton of jelly.

Week - make pickles and more jelly, clean, play games
#5 Jul 15 2013 at 9:15 PM Rating: Good
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RL: Went and got some school clothes for my son, with my mom. Not the best selection, but hey it was a sale. Otherwise napped and relaxed best i could.

WoW: Did all of ToT lfr on my main and got 0 tier and 1 runestone. Ugh. Plus, i tried farming for Kor'kron Supply Satchel on same toon and couldnt get it to drop. Monk dinged 50 from DMF, got my rogue a few new pieces, quested my dk 30% into 88... overall it was on par. Oh, and still no 2nd binding.
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