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#1 May 12 2013 at 11:39 AM Rating: Excellent
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Argh! Monday the 13th! Smiley: eek

WoW: Abject failure. Pink claimed more of the weekend than I'd expected. The couple of hours that I got to spend were, predictably, spent running the Shaman through Northrend dungeons.

RL: There was a mild miscommunication. Pink wasn't ready to open yet, but Sunday was the day they were supposed to put up her shop's sign. They didn't quite get things finished, but things are looking good and she has a great location.

Saturday, she was wiped out and decided to celebrate early. Pink is way too small to drink, so she decided that I was going to be the designated drinker. After a nice dinner and enough booze to leave me pleasantly relaxed, I got to be their first customer. I should have been suspicious! She had her older sister work over the more bothersome of several old injuries and then we adjourned to my place. I was mildly surprised that her sister tagged along, but guessed that they were going to take advantage of the fact that my shower doesn't run out of hot water as fast as theirs. They have too many people in their apartment and with five young women fighting for the shower it can be a problem. Mildly intoxicated and still relaxed from a good work over, I didn't pay much attention when Pink herded me into my bedroom/study. I figured her sister was getting first shot at the shower. Nope. It seems that they decided that I've been playing bachelor for too long, and if I can't move in with them they are going to take charge of putting my apartment into order. It was traumatic, and they aren't done. On the other hand, this is China and it was a pretty clear 2x4 between the eyes to show that they approve of me.

In case I was too dense to take the hint, they got me again Sunday. Older sister wandered off from dinner for awhile to do some shopping. She came back with a big cross-stitch project featuring gigantic, luridly colored roses and the words "Love Forever" as well as something in Chinese that I can't read but would guess to be a similar sentiment. Well, that's how those things tend to run, right? Nope again, Pink is having her sister do the stitching but it is a gift to me. I think that 2x4 is leaving a crease between my eyes and I'm not sure if it is the vigor with which it was wielded or an overdose of really sweet Pink that has left me kind of babbling.

Here's hoping that you guys had a good weekend!
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#2 May 12 2013 at 7:05 PM Rating: Excellent
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Bit early, but...

Finally! I got a weekend to myself, and boy howdy, did I make the most of it (video-game wise).

Went from 87 to 90 on my mage. Hit Exalted with Klaxxi, got a few epics and several PvP blues upon dinging. Yay me!

... and that's all I did this weekend, ha!
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#3 May 12 2013 at 9:51 PM Rating: Excellent
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Things were a little cooler yesterday and MUCH cooler today so YAY! No roasting over the weekend.

In WoW, well, I got a little more done than I was expecting, normally I'd just do crops and nothing but, but I did get some other dailies and crap done, so that was cool too. Mom's been on a huge fishing kick so both her and my Alliance mains got a crapload of Ironpaw Tokens out of stacks and stacks of Gourami and Danios that I turned in (they are only used for the Lv600 recipes so I don't need them). Both of them now have enough to buy the Bell when they get mastered with all the Ways.

In other news, I've been playing a game called Warframe and over the weekend, Rhino Systems finally dropped... the only bad thing is that it won't be until Wednesday that I'll finally have the completed Rhino frame, lol.

But hey, its a start!
#4 May 13 2013 at 12:20 AM Rating: Excellent
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Not much. Went to the gym twice and met a few friends. Watched Tears of the Sun which I found to be rather clich├ęd and The Shining. The second one was pretty good. Nicholson really nailed that one.


Finished the Glory of the Dragon Soul achievement. Our raid cleared the Throne of Thunder up to (but not including) Durumu. We seriously need to do something about our rooster. Attendancy issues have been a part of my weekend summaries for far too long now.

Oh and got lucky.
#5 May 13 2013 at 6:16 AM Rating: Excellent
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Forgot to post in the goal thread, oh well. Smiley: lol

WoW - Did all of lfr t14. Was rather enjoyable. I expecially liked the part where I shadowstepped a mob and fell through the world. Or the part where the boss decided it was tired of attacking the tank and took a swing at me I was far from the top dps. I also managed to get a slot in the guilds MSV run and got the trinket from elgalon so I am happy about that. Smiley: grin

Also managed to get exalted with Golden Lotus (yay for a ton of dailies I no longer need to do) and Shado Pan (I hate their dailies). Just a couple more to go and I will be done with grinding for the most part on that character.

RL - My chihuahua has been really sick for a while. Recently he went blind in both eyes and his hearing almost went away. Well by Friday his heath took a nose dive and he was refusing to eat or drink, extremely shakey, and absolutely miserable. So, unfortunately, I had to put him to sleep Saturday morning. Smiley: frown
#6 May 13 2013 at 6:28 AM Rating: Excellent
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RL: Mother's Day, read, that's about it.

Gaming: Mined some in EVE, that's pretty much it. I'm going to start a DAO playthrough today, but I can't decide which Origin I want my Warden to go through.
IDrownFish wrote:
Anyways, you all are horrible, @#%^ed up people

lolgaxe wrote:
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#7 May 13 2013 at 7:29 AM Rating: Excellent
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RL - was sick friday so missed the goals thread ... but did manage to have someone steal lawn equipment out of my garage, clean house, and play GW 2 while doing work for my wife's job. Saturday was relax and clothes shopping, sunday was mother's day and shooting my rifle. Besides the theft it was a good weekend.

Game - still not back to WoW, wife is finally enjoying GW2 so having fun with that and leveling a few characters. The lack of raids and nifty leveling platform makes the game enjoyable.
#8 May 14 2013 at 8:58 AM Rating: Excellent
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Criminy - the boss you said you pulled aggro on - was that Ji-Kun by any chance? If you get back into melee range after the downdraft before the tank, you get smacked hard. I died to this several times before I forced myself to just wait to see that she's whacking on a tank before I rush back in to hit her.

I had a wow filled weekend. I capped my VP on my main on Friday morning (not at work because of an appt in the afternoon) so that gave me the bonus VP buff for the rest. Yay! I did run Dragon Soul with my friends on Friday night but I took my Pally instead and picked up a few nice Transmog pieces. I also helped out (on my main) in Firelands to help a friend move along in his quest for the Legendary there where we did a lot of weird stuff and fought a boss that I didn't even know was there.

I did some LFRs on the Pally as well as some dailies. I think I picked up two more pieces of T14 to give me the 4 piece bonus. I also ran the first part of ToT to cap myself out on Monday but didn't get anything immediately useful (a chest piece that may replace my T14 one at some point.) I ran some LFRs on my Hunter as well and am finding him rather fun to raid with. I raised his ilevel to 479 on Sunday. If only I could get a new weapon to drop, then I'd be able to hit ToT (using blue Arch boa on him).

I worked a bit on my 88 Shaman and got her the 250 grisly trophies for the Darkmoon tickets. I also hit 88 on my Death Knight through some questing and relearning how to play him. I decided I was tired of that after a while and grabbed my 80 Warlock and ran her through the remaining Hodir quests (pretty much starting right where you first get quests from the Sons) to get exalted with them (with the help of a bunch of saved up relics) and then headed to Hyjal for a bit and hit 81. I also powered her Alchemy all the way to cap (615 for Goblin) from the barely Cata level and pushed her tailoring up a little though I ran out of Embersilk. She's picking up some while questing now though I may hit up the AH at some point for that and for other Cata mats that I just don't have enough of stockpiled.

No real life to speak of though I did make a nice dinner on Sunday that my boyfriend enjoyed. I don't always make the time to actually cook real food. Heheh I also moved a few boxes down to the basement and moved a few things around trying to straighten up things little by little. I didn't help that it was horribly hot this weekend (over 80 inside the house) - bleh.
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