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#1 Apr 25 2013 at 7:53 PM Rating: Good
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It's finally Friday here! Let's get things rolling.

WOW: It looks like I'm going to have more time for WOW than I expected. I want to work on gearing up the various 90s and it may be time to put some levels on my Warlock so that I can see some of the class changes.

RL: Well, having gotten the apartment half packed, the move fell through. The property management folks were having trouble getting all the paperwork I need to change my registration. Oh, well. Smiley: disappointed At least I'll be able to enjoy the long weekend that we get for May 1st.

Here's hoping that the RNG favors you. Let's hear some plans and tales!
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#2 Apr 25 2013 at 8:07 PM Rating: Excellent
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I'm on vacation next week, so I might log in to WoW on the weekend. I do have to be at work for server testing, which basically means I have to test the system for 5 minutes, then wait and hour while they make firewall changes, then test again for another 5 minutes, repeat for about 5 hours. In between those times I will take my laptop and do some WoWing. Next week is a Fallout 3 marathon...all week.
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#3 Apr 25 2013 at 8:08 PM Rating: Excellent
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WoW: Cap VP on Rogue/Mage possibly (Im already capped on Monk so +50% bonus and rogue is like 700/100 VP atm) Maybe Finish Pally 86-90 (6th 90) or Druid(86) I love resto healing but I cant stand Feral leveling so the class is kind of stuck and grinding dungeons is just meh.

Outside WoW: I received a Weekend Closed Beta key for new game (under NDA), so I may wave off WoW if I cap rogue at least. Packing stuff and getting ready to move 2000 miles cross country mid may.

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#4 Apr 26 2013 at 8:33 AM Rating: Excellent
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No big plans - We downed the first boss in ToT on normal last night (I know - pathetic - but there really aren't many guilds to choose from on Horde on my server and right now we're tied in progress with the other Horde raiding guild). They want to go back and try Horridon tonight but I've already promised the boyfriend a nice steak dinner and some time spent off the computer. Friday isn't our normal raiding night anyways so it's not a big deal. I did get a nice trinket upgrade last night which puts my ilevel at 508. I'm also at the point where I can start spending valor on my off-spec and finally work on getting that in shape. I'm considering doing a couple of MV lfrs as resto for practice (and upgrades).

My Pally needs to star doing the ToT lfrs though I'd also kind of like to pick up some more of his set pieces from ToES and HoF. I swear though, every time I queue for the second half of HoF, I get dropped in at Amber Shaper which sucks because the only item from there I am looking for drops off the first boss of that section. >.< My Hunter is finally geared enough to start MV so I would like to do that. I also want to work on the Warrior but I just haven't been having as much fun on her. I'm kind of looking forward to triple spec on her so I can go arms for actual dps, tank once I get some gear and learn the tanking for the fights, and fury for when I want to dual-wield some of the cool old weapons I have collected over the years. I like the look of fury but not the playstyle and it really sucks that you can't dual-wield unless you are fury. In the old days before dual spec, I would solo quest in my prot spec by dual-wielding which worked out well since my weapons skills in one-handed weapons were usually all maxed out. Heh

I may poke around on some of the other alts. I may poke around with some pet battles. I will likely be doing a Firelands run on Saturday evening and hopefully start collecting the legendary items again (my friend only needs one more for the first step and I'm next on the 'list' and already have about 12 from back when my old guild was raiding Firelands). I will probably be doing a ZA run on Sat and on Sun so two friends can get their Amani bears. I may do some other old content.

I will have a bit more time to play around than usual this weekend as I am not going out to visit family on Sunday. That gives me an extra 4 or 5 hours though I will probably spend some of that doing dinner and spending a little time with the boyfriend. Of course if we get busy on house stuff, that will cut into the wow time too. We need to figure out what to do with some furniture his mom is giving him and my house is small and already cluttered with stuff.
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WoW: No goals! As has been the case for the past... 4? weeks, I won't be home or alone this weekend. So any playing that may happen will occur late Sunday night; and likely by the time I get back I won't be in the mood to do anything more than using profession cooldowns/farming/Nomi daily on my main.

RL: Heading to Gainesville to see the girlfriend. Don't think we have any distinct plans, and I may be solo for a while (she has a part-time job she needs to do). Ideally I'd like to go shopping for some new clothes; she has much better fashion sense than I do. Summer is coming, and I have only two pairs of shorts (outside of my workout clothes), one of which has an ever-increasingly-large hole in the back. Yeah... new shorts, new socks (go figure, the cheapos I bought from Wal-mart two months ago are almost all destroyed by now), and maybe a new sports jacket (the one I am currently using is like 6 years old, and getting threadbare in places).
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#6 Apr 26 2013 at 12:54 PM Rating: Excellent
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WoW - Get my rogue to 90. Started her last week (Friday-ish) and she is currently 86. Possibly run TK and Kara for the mounts on my hunter. -shrug- Nothing really planned except for finishing the final run on the rogue.

RL - Normal chores. Nothing special.
#7 Apr 27 2013 at 7:18 PM Rating: Good
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Downed Lei Shen normal tonight, never in wow have I known a fight so thoroughly but failed to execute it. Awesome fight though, in fact the whole tier is above par. Now just working on my Fistweaver Monk.

Real life there is a bicycle auction tomorrow, I might hit it up. Just had a couple busy busy weeks looking to get everything settled and back into my old routine.
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