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So I have a question, how do you raise Shado-pan assault rep????
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From wowhead's comments:
CalaelenDT wrote:


Reputation with the SPA will come from defeating bosses and trash in the Throne of Thunder raid instance on any difficulty, including LFR. You will only receive reputation from killing each boss once per week, regardless of difficulty. This means you cannot run LFR and Normal/Heroic for double reputation, but it does mean that you can run LFR in order to get the reputation from bosses that your guild isn't killing on Normal mode yet.

You get the following reputation for killing mobs inside the Throne of Thunder (before any bonusses):

Trash: 30 reputation (up to 2999/3000 Neutral)
Bosses: 300 reputation

In addition to killing trash and bosses in the Throne of Thunder, there are two additional ways to gain reputation with the SPA:

- Turning in the few available quests (see the quest tab (note that Champions of the Thunder King is a weekly quest, so you can do it each week for 300 reputation))
- Turning in Shado-Pan Assault Insignia, these can be found inside the chests/bags you get for completing the final daily quest for the day and inside Lei Shen's Burial Trove in the Troves of the Thunder King solo scenario (requires you to have obtained the Key to the Palace of Lei Shen, see page for details on how to get it).

Both the quests and Insignia's will grant reputation past Friendly. Since getting to 2999/3000 Neutral can be done by farming trash, it's wise to save the Insignia's (and possibly quests) until after reaching that point. Note that the Insignia's are BoA, so if you get any on your alts, you can mail them to your main!
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