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#1 Apr 14 2013 at 8:26 PM Rating: Excellent
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Another weekend down over here, how did yours go?

WOW: I didn't get to play much, but I did manage to have some fun with LFR and got a few upgrades to gear on various toons.

RL: Pink was all kinds of wonderful. She has been making sure that we have time together even when she is busy.

Alright, I'm boring. Hopefully one of you will have tales of adventure and conquest, let's hear 'em!
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#2 Apr 14 2013 at 9:26 PM Rating: Excellent
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Well, I ordered MoP, so I'll be playing again sometime next week.
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#3 Apr 15 2013 at 1:50 AM Rating: Excellent
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Didn't play much either. I got some achievements done, leveled a (very) few pets and made some gold. Oh and my guild cleared the 6 bosses in ToT we already downed so we can now work on Durumu all Tuesday. I really hope he falls. While the fight has some interesting mechanics I find it incredibly annoying that this fella keeps wiping the floor with us. Sadly there was no loot from ToT for me BUT I got in a random Terasse group and finally finally finally after many tries could get my hands on the nHC version of the t14 helm. Since that slot was my lowest for a long time (only had the LFR version of the sethelm) it felt good to change the 483 piece for its 496 counterpart.


Went out with friends on Friday. Was subsequently not in a very good shape on Saturday and spent most of the day lying in bed and alternating sleeping phases with reading my newly bought Preacher-comicbooks. That's some weird stuff but I thoroughly enjoy it. Watched the Spartacus finale, too, and I must say the show has come quite a way since the first season.
#4 Apr 15 2013 at 7:56 AM Rating: Excellent
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WoW - not much time to play as usual. For whatever reason, did not enjoy the mage so sent him to the corner to think about what he did. Made a Warlock and enjoying it, glass cannon is fun when you are actually a cannon. Got him to level 12 or 13 ( I was tired when I quit playing) so still have a ways to go.

RL - planting, plowing, and planting. Got our square foot gardening boxes up and planted (tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, herbs, and other fun stuff). Got our tomatoe plants up and running as well. Weeded and cleaned up a little outside and inside. Luckily did no thave any visitors and was able to relax a little bit when not buying or putting plants in the ground.

Weekday - level up the warlock some, slay Onyxia, plant the rest of the tomatoes, and relax. Company golf tournament tomorrow so free beer and 18 holes on the company time and dime, life is good.
#5 Apr 15 2013 at 8:13 AM Rating: Excellent
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WoW: Nothing. Well, besides harvesting some crops and using my imperial silk cooldown on my mage. So... nothing.

RL: Went to Jacksonville with my girlfriend on Friday, to help out with a baby shower/5 year old's birthday party. Of course, this was a Filipino baby shower/birthday party. About 150 people showed up, and activities ranged from an inflatable bounce house, to an outdoor trampoline, to a water balloon toss, to beer pong, to (of course) karaoke. The entire shindig lasted from 3:00 until midnight. We served drinks: bellinis, peach mojitos, wine, Bahama Mama jello shots, and Shirley Temples (for the kids). Honestly, I think my girlfriend's cousin (who organized the drinks and decorations for her friend) made it harder than it needed to be; everyone would have been better off serving themselves instead of waiting for us to come around, the trays were too small, the plastic flute glasses too shaky (we dropped about half a dozen before we decided to nix the serving trays), and we ran out of jello shots within an hour. I think it would have been better by dropping the decorations, making a small pitcher of the non-alcoholic drink, and dedicating the rest of the budget to booze (especially jello shots). Still, it all worked out fine.

Sunday was similar, as there was a second baby shower; only around 70 people though. Felt like a fish out of water, as I couldn't understand any of the conversation (boo, Tagalog), and I towered over all the people. Also went to church with her very religious Southern Baptist parents... yeesh. I'm too cynical for traditional services. Oh, and offended when I hear things like "Christians don't need years of training to be therapists; they have the Holy Spirit inside them! They're naturally superior to these so-called 'health professionals!' In fact, non-Christian therapists believe in 'survival of the fittest;' they're secretly believing that their patients are weak and should die! When you have troubles, turn to God and your fellow believers; don't trust in secular quack doctors."

Yeah, not thrilled... but at least it's better than the last time I went, when abortion was compared to throwing 2-year old's into the Nile for crocodiles to feast upon like in Moses's time. Smiley: oyvey

I didn't drive back to Tampa until this morning, so I'm running on fumes right now. The afternoon is going to be a challenge... might need to go get an energy drink to make it through. But I'm looking forward to some ME time this evening... well, me and WoW Smiley: lol

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#6 Apr 16 2013 at 10:35 AM Rating: Excellent
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Ran some old raids on my hunter (got a couple pets from it). Was pleasantly surprised to solo Sunwell without too much difficulty (Kalecgos is soloable but from what I could tell you have to nuke him down before he ports you, otherwise he despawns when you are ported back to him). C'thun is a big + in my book now that he is soloable without resorting to the Ouro bug. Not that I need loot off of it on my hunter but now I can farm the ax for any ret/warrior/dk I level.

Started to level a priest I had at 85. He is currently at 87 and I am quite enjoying his rotation. Probably will level him to 90 then dink around in heroics.
#7 Apr 18 2013 at 1:31 PM Rating: Good
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Sorry for being so late in responding. I've been under a lot of extra stress lately and just totally ignored forums and stuff for the past few days.

I don't really have any major goals for this weekend. I plan on doing the usual assortment of stuff like keeping up my farms, doing some dailies, maybe some lfr, an old raid perhaps, maybe even put some time into alt leveling.

Yeah, did some of that - farming - some dailies - a little lfr - got the Warlock from 78 to 80

I got a T15 chest token from ToT lfr last night so I do want to hit up ToES to try for the T14 shoulder token since having that would let me wear my 522 pants and still keep my 2 piece T14 bonus while picking up the T15 2 piece as well. I've been rather unlucky with drops so I'm not holding my breath on this one.

I still didn't get the shoulder token (either one) but I decided to just go ahead and throw on all my best gear and give up the T14 bonus. The really sad part is that afterwards I looked on wow-heroes to see how my ranking moved and suddenly I am the best geared person in my guild and the second best geared Shaman on Horde side on my server. While that does sound cool, if you look at the whole server rankings, you have to go through two whole pages of Alliance before you find the top ranked Horde player (also an enh Shaman oddly enough). Yeah, my server is so messed up these days that Horde is having trouble fielding even a poor raiding guild. I just don't want to go to the expense of moving servers with my entourage of support characters.

I'm planning on the usual family visit on Sunday but no other big real life plans.

My sister went out of town for her anniversary so we didn't have a get-together like usual.
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