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#1 Mar 24 2013 at 11:53 AM Rating: Excellent
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OK, we're in the wee hours of Monday morning here, but I'm going to post before things have a chance to get busy.

WOW: Capped VP on my Shadow Priest, made progress on her rep grinds and even made some progress on my Druid and Warrior. All in all, it was a good weekend for meeting WOW goals.

RL: /shrug Poor Pink! It's a Scott Joplin week for her and that's hitting her unusually hard. I stocked her up with goodies, had a quiet dinner with her on Saturday, and laid low the rest of the weekend.

Here's hoping that you all had a good weekend! Let's hear some tales!
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#2 Mar 25 2013 at 7:21 AM Rating: Excellent
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WoW - Got the DK to 81.5. Started a Pandaren priest, which I was able to get to 14.3. Thought about going monk, but after reading a little about their healing style, decided I didn't really want to try it. Pandaren starter area was well done. The choosing faction part was a bit underwhelming, though. Seemed like more could have been done with that.

RL - Didn't spend a ton of time on WoW because I'm going out of town for work this week. So, I had some stuff to take care of around the house and I spent some time with the wife. Still house hunting...grrr...still. Looked at one house, but the location was meh and the house was meh. Oh well, we'll keep looking. Hockey, we got destroyed 10-1. Thankfully, this season is winding down. Who knows? we could go on a run in the playoffs, but not very likely. I think we're just overmatched in the league this season. And, we keep having poor attendance (last night we had 8 guys)...doesn't make it any easier. It's still fun to play, but it'd be better if we were more competitive. Not having enough skaters makes everyone play below their capability, too. At least I had an assist in the game :-).

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
#3 Mar 25 2013 at 8:47 AM Rating: Excellent
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Spent most of the weekend with my girlfriend and not gaming... had a good time on Friday in Orlando, and went to a P.F. Chang's for the first time. Saturday was cooking and shopping; Sunday was a lazy day (unfortunately the girlfriend was sick most of the morning).

I did manage to play a bit on my 83 mage; only got about half a level in experience, but it made me want to play a lot more Smiley: grin

Goals this week: I'm trying to be healthy again. Heh, we'll see how long THAT lasts! Anyway, I'll be calorie-counting and exercising more... my goal is to stop 6 pounds in the next 2 weeks, so I match the lowest amount I hit during my office's "biggest loser" competition. Hopefully I'll make it... we'll see!
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#4 Mar 25 2013 at 8:52 AM Rating: Excellent
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RL - was a mixed weekend of hard work and frustration with some good times thrown in for measure. Got my vehicle detailed and odor eliminated (previous owner smoked in it and it has been destroying my allergies to drive it around, fixed!) Cleaned house, rearranged quite a bit of furniture, unpacked some things, and did some cooking. Suprisingly enough, crock pot cornbread is pretty tasty. Wife and I do some food storage/preservation and DIY pre-mixes, made a brownie mix last night that turned out awesome! Watched The Hobbit, was pleasantly surprised by it, heard a lot of bad things but I relaly enjoyed it.

WoW - did not have a whole lot of free time to play, went from 67.8 to 68.5 on my DK, but I am now in WotLK, so that should speed things up considerably.

Weekday plans - its a short work week due to Easter/Good Friday, so plan on levleing my DK as close to 80 as possible and am finally starting to feel the need to rep/valor again, so will start on that at some point. RL - going to make some oatmeals and coffee blends tonight.
#5 Mar 25 2013 at 3:38 PM Rating: Excellent
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Did manage to log in for a while. Went herbing, did archaeology stuffs in Outland and NR, thought about some rep dailies but that's as far as that went.
Am feeling improved, but my girl is coming down with it and she's really not happy. I missed most of last week at work, and now she's been informed by her boss that she's to stay home and away from all the Easter-y baked goods at the bakery.
I've been jonesing for ***** bread. Smiley: frown Will go buy supplies in a day or so, I guess.
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#6 Mar 26 2013 at 11:57 AM Rating: Good
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Well, I capped my valor on my main and on my Pally and got about 500-something on the Warrior. We did a few HoF attempts on Friday night but one of our healers who is new to the fight just could not stop dying during attenuation. It does take practice so hopefully she will figure out a trick that works for her. I think some people went back in on Sunday and managed to get two bosses down.

My ret Pally's ilevel is up to 479. I did the LFRs that could actually give me upgrades though if I want to do the Black Prince's quests, I will probably have to spend some time in MV to get the sigils.

I got my Druid up to 87 and my Hunter to 88 and finally got my Mage into Pandaria and ran her off to the silken fields to start doing cloth cooldowns.

I got to kill a bunch of Pandaria rares when a friend who was trying to finish his Glorious achievement invited me along for the trip. It was late and since I didn't have many of the rares, I went along. We also killed a Zandalari Warscout that we found and he dropped a bag with a couple of mid-80s epics (one boe and one bop). Yesterday (Monday) he whispered me that he found a Warleader so my other friend and I flew over there to kill it. I switched to resto and managed to keep the Warlock alive as he tanked it in demon form. My Warrior friend had died before I managed to get my gear switched but ran back and was in the fight for most of it. We didn't get a mount though.

RL - I didn't go out to visit family since everyone was busy with other stuff and it's not worth the drive (over an hour) just to visit my sister and her husband and my mom. Usually several of her kids' families are there and it's nice to visit with everyone.
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