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#1 Mar 01 2013 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent
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I haven't played WoW in almost 3 years and I just started up just a few days ago. I'm not looking for people to bash me for being new since I haven't played in so long. I'm just looking for some help, is there anyone that is willing to help walk me through the game physically just until I get use to things again?? Last time I played was with a friend and he doesn't play anymore so I'm stuck by myself. I could really use someone or even a groups help just for starters please, im on the NA servers.

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I hate to be "that guy" but it might be helpful if you'd let folks know which server group you're on (NA/EU/*Other), which faction you play, and possibly what server you're on.

*Other -- for example Taiwan, Korea or Mainland China.

On a more helpful note, just generate a new character and start. You'll probably be offered the chance to join a leveling guild fairly soon afterwards. Now, early quests walk you through many of the basic mechanics, quests are much easier to navigate and picking things like talents is much more forgiving.
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Thanks I appreciate that tips. I've already made a new character, I just haven't really done much yet since its been so long.
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I need somebody!


Not just anybody!

... but to actually address the top? WoW can be as social or as antisocial as you want to make it. If you want to meet new people and find folks to level with, roll on a high population server and find a leveling guild. Or if you want a more one-night-stand kind of feel, just strike up conversations with people as you level; with cross-realm zoning, you'll likely never see the people again when you finish a zone (if they're from different servers).

If you need guidance on how to play your class or something, that we can help with. Leveling with a new character? Not so much.

... oddly, I have a RL friend who just restarted and is looking for almost exactly the same thing that you are.
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#5 Mar 01 2013 at 11:00 AM Rating: Decent
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Lol you gave me a good laugh, thanks. :)

But, yeah I need help learning how to play my class. Maybe just a few guidlines on what to do.
#6 Mar 01 2013 at 11:02 AM Rating: Excellent
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Which class?
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So Druid plays very differently based on which spec you choose, but the general idea is fairly simple.

If you go Balance, your abilities generate solar or lunar energy, and you move back and forth between eclipse states. What this means is that you want to keep Moonfire/Sunfire on the target, and alternate between spamming Wrath and Starfire, depending on which eclipse state you are in. Use Starsurge whenever it's off CD. That's really about it. There are some more advanced things you can do, when you get more skills, but by the time you get those you'll have a deeper understanding of the class.

You'll want to wear leather armor, and your primary stat is intellect. Carry water with you, in case you need to recover mana.

If you go Feral, you'll want to level in your Cat Form. As a cat, you use energy and combo point resources. Some builds use energy and build combo points, finishers use combo points to give burst damage or an effect. You'll want to Rake the target to put your Damage over Time effect up (and reapply Rake whenever the DoT is about to fall off). Otherwise, use Shred or Mangle to build combo points (Shred you can use when you ambush a target from prowl, or whenever you are behind them). Use Ferocious Bite when advantageous to do so (have high combo points, have sufficient points to kill the enemy, etc.) When you level you'll gain access to other finishers, most notably Savage Roar. Just keep that up at all times and try to chain enemies to maximize the effect.

Guardian uses Bear form as a tank. Once you get comfortable in groups, you can try your hand at tanking. Bear melee attacks will generate Rage, which you can expend to power other skills. By the time you reach the point where you can start tanking, you should be able to look at your abilties and get the general idea of what to use, when.

Same with Restoration, the healing spec. I advise waiting until you're used to the game and group combat to play as a healer. It'll just work out better for you.

Regardless of what you pick, don't forget you can shift to humanoid form to cast Restoration for some healing when you need it.
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#9 Mar 01 2013 at 7:24 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the advice you guys. I finally got up to level 2 and starting to get the hang of it again.
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