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#1 Feb 11 2013 at 6:02 AM Rating: Excellent
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It's Monday night here. The fireworks are cranking up, they just brought me a fresh case of beer and I have a fridge full of Harbin sausages. How did your Year of the Snake kick off? Pink left me so stunned that I'm having trouble putting together a coherent post.

WOW: I didn't get to play much, but Pandakration is 83 now and might make it to 85 by the time I crash.

RL: Pink spoiled me ridiculously! She got me a really nice, solid gold pixiu pendant for my birthday! We got a good start on the new year; a group of us got a VIP room at one of her favorite KTV places for a combination New Year's Eve/birthday party, drank too many toasts, and reeled back at midnight through the fireworks. The only pictures that came out halfway well were taken during a lull, but if you look closely you'll see signs that there were groups setting off fireworks every 25-50 meters and most of the time there was just so much going off that the phone camera couldn't keep up. A couple of her friends stayed over for the weekend and Pink has been having a field day cooking for everyone. Yes, all of that and she is also an excellent cook (she even sings well).

Weekday musings: I need to run the holiday events for gear, but I'm also going to keep pushing the Horde Warrior and Monk.

Here's hoping that things went well for everyone! Thanks to all for your good wishes.

@someproteinguy -- Gong xi fa cai! You know the follow-up to that one. Smiley: nod Pink helped me steer my way through the intricacies of hong bao this year. She even kept things moderate.
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#2 Feb 11 2013 at 7:04 AM Rating: Excellent
-Hit 90 on DK
-Gain as much VP as I can stand to get on Monk (really need to hit the cap, for the next 6 weeks, for that legendary quest -.-)
-Sat is a planned "drunken raid". Hopefully it is fun and ends well :p
-Try to make some gold. I've spent so much on my lv84 Twink, I've yet to make some of it spend on more gear lol.

-I hit 90 on DK.
-Proceeded to farm ore and herbs...
-While doing the Call to Arms all weekend on my DK who is now "ok" PvP geared.
-Did nothing with the monk
-At the time of the raid, only maybe 4 of us were on who could legally drink. So it didn't happen (I mean I did drink still...)
-Leveled alchemy to 600.

-Just chilled out, watched some movie, read comics, played WoW.
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#3 Feb 11 2013 at 7:17 AM Rating: Excellent
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Sounds like a good birthday, Rhodekylle!

WoW: Very few goals, as I'll be occupied with RL stuff for most of the weekend. Plan on getting a few hundred VP so I can buy another piece of gear. VP gets converted to JP come 5.2, so I figure I'd better spend it ASAP so I don't get caught unaware!

Managed to get above 1250, so I bought myself some bracers. Also hit 81 on my mage, in Vashjr... I had forgotten how much I actually liked that zone, aside from trying to find the stupid bases (always hard to remember where the entrances to the caves are located).

Actually ended up using most of my free time on Skyrim, as I got Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs downloaded. I've barely done anything with either of them; found the Dawnguard base so far, but that's it. Spent a lot of my time powerleveling my Smithing from 70 to 80 so I could create and upgrade Ebony items... made a HUGE difference. Also, loving that I can make arrows now with Dawnguard - favorite change so far.

RL: Have a lady friend coming to visit this weekend. We'll be headed to the state fair on Saturday, and Busch Gardens Sunday. If I can rope her into going, I'd like to try a UU church nearby that I've been too nervous to attend so far

State Faire was fun and HUGE. Enjoyed it, though I was footsore after several hours of walking around. Ditto to Busch Gardens, though we only stayed for about 4 1/2 hours there.No go on the UU church though.

And after three days of eating out and/or eating greasy faire fare, my diet totally needs to get back to normal Smiley: lol Did find a good sports bar/pool hall though, so we'll probably go back there. Their fishbowls are pretty amazing Smiley: sly
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#4 Feb 11 2013 at 8:34 AM Rating: Excellent
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Missed the Goals thread due to sick at home

Had planned to clean out my garage and get it organized (we moved in June and had not unpacked hardly anything) - this was a major success, got shelving installed and about 80% of the stuff put up, now just to organize tools and home improvement items

Other RL stuff - had dinner with friends at a tasty hibachi restaurant and the Walking Dead returned so got to watch that. Planted a bunch of lettuce, onions, and cabbage in our garden and started about 120 seeds for flowers, good start to our spring planting/harvesting.

WoW - finished up a few more LFR's, maxed valor for the week, hit exalted with the tillers and completed all of the quest for them. Was able to clear out the brewery for my wife, no gear but got the mechanics for heroics. Did the valentine's holiday quest on my paladin for the first time, did the dailies on my hunter. Also leveled my paladin from 73 to 76, thinking I will try to valor cap faster and play him more on the weekends.

Weekday plans - hit revered with August Celestials and Exalted with Shadow pan; need about 700 valor to get my legs, so will try to do that. Run a few LFR's for other gear.
#5 Feb 11 2013 at 11:47 AM Rating: Excellent
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Rhodekylle wrote:
How did your Year of the Snake kick off?

Wife was up half the night with a sore stomach after eating something that didn't agree with her. Sister in law was lamenting that her daughter would be born in the year of the snake now. I can never keep up with all these superstitions. I mostly watched the kids watch Bob the builder. Pretty good time really.

As for WoW I ran a few older raids, didn't get any BoEs I was after though. Still made some money selling the leather and cloth. Economy is a bit different than I left it and I'm still trying to adjust. Also got my pets a few more levels.

Rhodekylle wrote:
Pink helped me steer my way through the intricacies of hong bao this year.

You didn't give someone the wrong amount did you? Smiley: disappointed

I can never keep up with these superstitions.

Worth repeating. Smiley: lol
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#6 Feb 11 2013 at 6:02 PM Rating: Excellent
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Happy Birthday Rhode!

RL - Not much going on. Hockey Sunday night. Had a layoff for the Super Bowl last weekend, so I expect to be rusty.

WoW - I'm deliberately not going to set any firm goals this weekend. I think I've been too focused for a couple weeks and subsequently kind of need a break. So, I'm going to dabble a bit, but not really push too much at anything. The only thing I want to do for certain is hit the Dark Moon tamer for chance at the pet. Otherwise, I'll probably divert some of my normal WoW time to some Minecraft.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

****, Rhode, looks like a gas mask was in order for going outside.

RL - Not much went on. :-) Hockey, lost 3-0, but we played decently considered we were pretty thoroughly outclassed by the opposition. Could have been a lot worse.

WoW - Not much to report. No DMF pet. But, I did manage to snag a rare crow. That took a while running around the few spawns available. Also managed to get to 67 on the DK, but minimal effort was put in. Off to Northrend soon, though :-).

Minecrafted for a majority of my game time this weekend. Addictive game.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
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