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Weekend Summary

#1 Jan 28 2013 at 11:06 AM Rating: Good
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Hang out with a friend Saturday night. Play some pool, darts, and video games.
Hockey Sunday night. Hope I can breathe, since I haven't played for a couple weeks and I was sick as well. I'll probably be gassed by the middle of the first period.

Pally - LFR, LFR, LFR. Hit all the LFR segments for valor and possible upgrades. Work on miscellaneous rep (meh).

Druid - Pets galore. I just finished the spirit tamers this morning, so that's off the list, yay! My primary goal this weekend is to work on replacing low quality pets with rares. In particular, I blew through a lot of Pandaria areas just collecting and not worrying about quality. So, time to go back and get rares. At the same time, I should be able to work on leveling pets. I'm close to the 30 level 10 and and 30 level 25 achievements. Also, hit the tamers for possible battle stones. And, I need to start gettting Anglers rep up. I need the pet, for one, and two, if I'm going to take pride in my "Salty" title, I better live up to it.

DK - level a bit in Outlands, probably mostly with dungeons. DK tanking in BC dungeons seems like cake so far, even with people doing the moar, go, go, go pulls. Hunt for some rare spawn pets (like the Minfernal). Work the AH a little to try to build up some gold.

Had a great time on Saturday night. Very chill, just hanging out with friends and chatting, but good times. Oh, and Call of Duty: Black Ops...very fun game. I suck at it, but fun nevertheless.
Hockey - loss 6-1. We just couldn't put the puck in the net. As predicted, I was winded by the middle of the first period. But, I felt a lot better than I thought I would. I just played smart, took short shifts, and ended up playing a pretty decent game.

Didn't get as much WoW time as I probably would have preferred. But, oh well, RL was fun.

Pally - hardly played at all. Didn't feel like doing LFR, so I didn't. Rep...not so much.

Druid - Worked on leveling and improving quality of pets. Got the achievement for 30 level 10 pets, I'm at 28/30 for the level 25 achievement. I captured 20 new rares to replace lower quality pets. I ran AQ and BWL with a guildie to try for the raid pets. I did battle the tamers, but had no luck with stones dropping. Bah. Got honored with Anglers and got the fish pet.

DK - Leveled up to 63, primarily through dungeons. DKs are **** near OP in OL dungeons. Of course the dungeons are a joke. Just go go go with no one paying attention to aggro, people pulling randomly, etc. I had to laugh when one jackass told me I needed to hold threat better. Oh, well I'm sorry we pulled a group of 8 mobs, you AoE'd before I had a chance to get them all, and you got aggro. No one died, so who cares? Just shut up and go about your business. Cause normal Ramparts is serious bizness, you know? Anyway, the dungeons are relatively fast, painless, and enjoyable. Nothing like the challenge they were back in the day when you had to use CC and pull smart, and watch for pats.

No luck with the Minfernal. Took a look a couple times, but none were around. Even though TVC is still pretty good, with no CRZ, I think there may be some more traffic from people, like me, rolling to look for the rare spawns. But, oh well, it's still better than my main server where everything is camped and gone.

AH is going well on the DK. Not a huge fortune, or anything. But, just casually selling herbs, ores from leveling, I'm over 3k gold and have paid for flying and Old World flight, so not doing too bad there.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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