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#1 Jan 18 2013 at 1:20 AM Rating: Excellent
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Smiley: sly Just so Locke doesn't think I'm not going to post ...
[Hey! It's Friday on this side of the planet!]

WOW: With another semester's grading beaten into semi-submission, my goals for WOW this weekend are simple. Get things on track. I'm going to let myself take it easy and do whatever unfocused thing strikes my fancy this weekend. I'm worn out and the run of bad air here has taken its toll from me, so I'm going to relax. I'm on winter break, so this "weekend" will end for me some time in mid February, no need to rush. So, by Monday I want to be ready to jump back into dailies, gearing up and all that jazz, but pet battles are probably about my speed right now. Smiley: laugh

RL: One of my main RL goals is to stay out of the mess that is winter in Beijing. Other than that, Pink has her usual time staked out and I'm looking forward to it.

May the RNG smile on you (and may your weekend ambitions exceed my own)!
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#2 Jan 18 2013 at 6:18 AM Rating: Excellent
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Rhodekylle wrote:
Smiley: sly Just so Locke doesn't think I'm not going to post ...
[Hey! It's Friday on this side of the planet!]

Bah! Smiley: lol

It's a long weekend, which is a nice break; also the first weekend I've had no definitive plans since... yikes, before Christmas? I'm not a reclusive hermit, but man oh man, do I want some "me time!" And "me time" means "WoW time!" Smiley: nod

My mage is level 49; I'll probably easily get to 60, so let's aim for 70 to be optimistic! I might modify that back down to 65, and to switch skinning with alchemy (my main has herbalism).
If possible, I'd like to get my rogue from 83 to 85, and get some decent BoA or AH gear on her.
And I'll probably do some soloing on my druid, since you guys started that **** soloing topic and it's put an itch in me Smiley: glare Perhaps Ulduar for some achievements!

Oh, has anyone else noticed that Nomi's dailies aren't giving reputation? Just got the bell yesterday, and I've done two dailies - no rep. Nothing on my faction page either. Harumph.

RL: Ok, I do have SOME tentative plans. Going out to brunch on Sunday with one of my "friends" (cough, ex-girlfriend, cough), and likely going to Busch Gardens on Monday with some other pals. I'm going to make that annual pass worth it!
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#3 Jan 18 2013 at 8:01 AM Rating: Excellent
Sleep sleep sleep sleep, oh God sleep. I'm running on two hours of it right now, and I've still got a full day of class ahead of me.
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#4 Jan 18 2013 at 9:13 AM Rating: Excellent
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Not sure what my goals for the weekend would be. I'd like to take an hour or two and do some scenarios to get my blacksmith some more VP since he's the only character that can do LFR, would like to get him an upgrade or two. It'd be nice if the stupid satchels would give me some freaking decent pieces.

Think I probably want a level or two on an alt or something, probably my Horde LW. Not sure, we'll see I guess.

Otherwise, meh. Not sure what I'll do.
#5 Jan 18 2013 at 1:15 PM Rating: Excellent
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I got back into town a day early, yay! So, I'll have an extra evening to my weekend.

Getting over a cold, so I'll probably take it easy. I don't want to push it too quickly and get sick all over again. Going to a car show with a friend on Saturday. No idea about it, just an excuse to hang out. The dog needs some attention after my out-of-town stretch. Dog park, walks, etc. Maybe rent a movie in there somewhere.

Pally - Run all the LFR I can. I've got my Golden Lotus rep up to revered, but don't have the VP to purchase the shoulders. I'll try to max out my weekly VP this weekend.
Work toward exalted with Golden Lotus. Do more Klaxxi dailies.
Check to see if there's more factions I can work on (Shado Pan?) now.

Druid - Get my undead pet to 25, to finish the all-classes-to-25 achievement
Work on getting more pets to 10 and 25 for the 30 to 10, 30 to 25 achievements
Look out for the Giraffe Calf and the Scourged Whelpling. <-- with this in mind, I created a worgen DK on a low-pop server to see if it might improve my odds (plus I need the worgen-only pet anyway), so get some levels on the DK, at a minimum, get out of the DK starter area.
Work on the final two panda elemental tamers I need to get down. Tried the earth one briefly last night...his stun is a ******.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Good luck with your goals.
#6 Jan 18 2013 at 4:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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Haven't posted here for about 6 months, but still follow the threads. Friday night wine & snacks. The weekend is supposed to stay sunny, so hopefully we'll get out for another snowshoeing trek sometime on the weekend. Nothing else planned right now.

Seven of my Alliance characters are between 86 and 90, but my rogue and shaman are still at 81 and poking along in Northrend rather than Cataclysm zones. Also, been working a bit on my Horde characters: have my tauren druid at 62, BE deathknight at 71, goblin shadow priest at 41, and actively leveling up several of my lother ower level Horde races to at least 40, so I can pick up their racial mounts. I would guess that is a lot quicker than trying to get to Exalted with each faction with just one of my Horde toons. Still working towards my 100 unique mounts, but only 75 so far. Also, spending a lot of time gathering (198 unique so far) and leveling pets, and working on those achievements.

We'll see how it goes. Have fun all !
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#7 Jan 18 2013 at 6:12 PM Rating: Excellent
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RL - Decided to go into nostalgia land and picked up Morrowind and a pure caster and not the godly SnB. Having fun so far and realizing how much the difficulty changed since I first stared playing it a decade ago.
-Also playing the Defiance beta but I got to be all ******* hush hush about that.
#8 Jan 18 2013 at 9:51 PM Rating: Excellent
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I think I'm painting. Hallway this time, and the wallpaper and it's backing peeled off in one fell swoop. The walls were actually primed. We're considering replacing some doors tho, but there are only 4 in this hallway, so not a huge deal.
In game, I got my s/priest to 50, and am getting antsy about getting to Outland. Want to herb and work on archy there.
My monk is still sitting at 12, so need to get to work on that. And of course, dailies, more dailies and maybe some daillies on my lock and mage, with a few heroics thrown in.
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#9 Jan 19 2013 at 9:54 AM Rating: Excellent
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RL, Zero Dark Thirty with my buddy. Cleaning my apt. Trying to reset after a crazy week at work.

In game, I finished Operation shield wall & Shadopan dailies this week. Took a reset, need to finish AC, start Klaaxi and perhaps throw Cloud Serpent into the mix. Farm my old content mount bosses & run LFR on my shaman. Read up on Elegon HM.
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