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#1 Jan 14 2013 at 8:23 AM Rating: Excellent
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It's time for our weekly rate-up fest recap of the weekend's WoW activity! How did you do on your goals?

RL: Going to see "Wicked" with my friends tomorrow afternoon! No other big plans.

RL: Wicked was great, had a blast. Tried out a new restaurant after (an Irish pub). Wasn't bad, but I was shocked at how dead it was for an early Saturday evening. At around 5:30, we were one of only three groups there. Wasn't too bad either; drinks weren't too pricy, and the food was good if not great. I guess maybe the other places in town are more popular? Or it just wasn't late enough for the drinkers to come out?

Sunday I ended up going to the beach to visit my parents. 80 degrees in January? I love Florida. Had a late lunch with them and then headed back. All the rest of my free time I played WoW and watched "How I Met Your Mother" season 7. I think I went through like 16 episodes over the weekend Smiley: blush

WoW: Run some heroics for a change! I did Scarlet Monastery last night as DPS... and it was simple (except for when the tank d/ced, that sucked). Figure I might as well update my dungeon/raid add-ons and hop in as a tank. Only other goals include August Celestial/Shado-Pan/Golden Lotus dailies.

Other than that, I want to level my rogue (currently 83 and saving up rested exp) and my new mage (currently 24). Maybe hitting 30 on my mage would be a good goal; but with the heirlooms and guild bonus, it should only take a couple of hours.

Heroics: Nope.
Update add-ons: Nope.
Dailies: August Celestials, yes. Golden Lotus - only on Saturday. Shado-Pan: nope.

Rogue: Still 83, but got about a half a level more.
Mage: Went from 24 to 44. Spent most of the weekend either leveling my mage or leveling his professions. His skinning and tailoring are both around level 250 now (I actually can't wear the stuff I'm making with tailoring, haha). Mage is fun, but I'm not sure if Arcane was the best leveling spec for it. Unless I have a lot of enemies nearby, I tend to have my arcane charges drop off between fights, which makes it annoying to have to wind them up again. Maybe Frost or fire might be better? Still, he's great in instances. I probably ran about 8 different ones over the weekend. I think I made a couple of tanks mad because I was putting out such DPS, haha.

So, a good weekend overall! I wish I hadn't eaten/drank so much; my work is doing a Biggest Loser competition and I think I'll be heavier during the weigh-in than last week... I might have to start up the P90X again >_> But I had a good time, got out and did stuff, and still played a lot of WoW. Yahoo!
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#2 Jan 14 2013 at 9:38 AM Rating: Excellent
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In game - finally got my blue proto-drake from utgarde so cross that off the list; have about 5k rep to go to Exalted with Klaxxi, so that should be easily attained. Will probably not get to play much so just doing golden lotus dailies and running instances.

In RL - sick kids, sick mother, and not much ambition to do anything, so will probably be relaxing with maybe a visit to a parent.

Kid is still sick but doing better, have to check on my mother today she was doing better, should have added sick cat to the list ... its a plague in our household.

Got exalted with Klaaxi and Honored with Golden Lotus, so moving towards revered and opening up other dailies at least. Ran a few instances, got a drop and completed some quest. Spent about 8k gold on gear for my wife and I to make a monk, got our monks to level 22'ish and rebuilt my stash to about 2,500g from quest and instances.

Solo'd Onyxia for grins and giggles and the flying mount ... mount did not drop so have to add her to my weekly run ...

Overall it was a good and quiet weekend.
#3 Jan 14 2013 at 10:33 AM Rating: Excellent
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Smiley: lol Thanks for covering Locke! I didn't forget, but I was a tad busy.

WOW: I'm a bit distracted, so I'll limit myself to hoping that I can finish the various pet battle quests.

Pet battles were about my speed this weekend. I managed to get some pet farming done, although I haven't seen the highly camped pets so much as spawn.

It seems my father had a round of atrial fibrillation and he's now several days late updating me on how things are going.

Thanks for the well wishes. He is OK, but having some trouble with a low grade fever. Pink has decided that I'm officially a keeper, with all the strange stuff that brings here. Aside from those things, the weekend was quiet -- the air here hit new levels of horrible.
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#4 Jan 14 2013 at 11:08 AM Rating: Excellent
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- Going to be getting close to 80 here in Augusta so I have some yard work that needs to get done while it is shorts weather out. More than likely just going to be pulling some weeds and trimming some bushes, nothing too special. I do need to figure out a way to keep the back yard from slowly eroding away. I have an idea on preventing that but I am not looking forward to it. Will possibly look into what it would take to build a wooden wall back there and, of course, how much would it cost me.
-Gaming wise I am still playing Solitaire a lot. Not sure why though...

I took a gander over the fence to notice two things.
1) My fence doesn't go as far back as the other two fences. So I need to check where my property ends before I think about what to do back there too much.
2) The entire slope is covered in this thorny weed. So clearing that out would be a pain in the ****. On the bright side I don't have to worry about people jumping over the fence from the forest in the back. Smiley: laugh

I also been dinking around in D3 a bit more. Enjoyable but still the same ol same ol.
#5 Jan 14 2013 at 11:25 AM Rating: Excellent
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RL: Stared at the offensive wallpaper and decided that my GF could share the joy of removal on her off days this week.
Game time thus increased, I worked on herbing and archy with my s/priest, did a few heroics with my brother, finally decided to roll a monk. Level 12 so far, and a new arrival in the land of the Horde. Next, I need to strip my rogue of his heirlooms, but he wasn't getting very far anyway.
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#6 Jan 14 2013 at 2:48 PM Rating: Excellent
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Dinked around in non WoW games as its an off-pay week and I forgot to include WoW funds in the budget for last check, and My month of gametime ended. Mainly Played Planetside 2, Im getting really good with the Longshot sniper (NC), played a bit of Borderlands 2 and Saints Row 3, a couple rounds of Awesomenauts and reinstalled D3 and got wasted like 10 times on my Barbarian(Nightmare act 2) before I semi rage quit, (I havent played since launch and kinda forgot what my Barbarians and Wizards specs needed me to do to play efficiently)

RL: Don't really have one, but a few friends hung out and BS'ed on Sat night.
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#7 Jan 14 2013 at 4:03 PM Rating: Excellent
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Lesson learned...don't switch windows while typing on an much for my first attempt to type a summary...

RL - sure enough, I got sick. But, it didn't get bad enough until Sunday evening to interfere with WoW. :-)
Took the dog to the dog park twice. He needs some socializing, and got a little better with the other dogs on Sunday, so that was good.
Saw "Looper" - not bad, a few holes, but decent.
Overall, very chill weekend, since the wife was busy and I was sick anyway.

Pally - golden lotus dailies, check
- a couple LFR segments, check. But, no drops. Did get enough VP to get the 489 neck, though.

Druid - pets, check. :-)
ZG pet. Check.
Tamers up to 1/4 spirit tamers.
Bought a couple pets oh the AH.
Solo'd part of naxx, got the spider pet.
Up to 449 now.
Stil no giraffe calf or scourged whelpling. Didn't do he worgen either.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
#8 Jan 15 2013 at 7:28 AM Rating: Excellent
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As it is my weekend to work (blaaah), I'll probably just try to get my daily stuff done and that's about it.

Got slightly more done than expected -- did a bunch of Domination Point and Shieldwall Offensive; I'm within 2 days of being Exalted of the former, and just shy of Revered of the Latter.

Also, yesterday, mom and I did most of Dread Wastes trying to get 463 swords before Patch 5.2 arrives (and takes our ability to upgrade them away).

If I get any extra time, I might try to fit in some BF3 since its been a little while since I've done any of that. Still need to score a kill with the Defibrillator for one of the unlocks. That is not anywhere near as easy as it looks on Youtube haha.

Didn't get a chance to do any BF3... thank God my contract with SamKnows is about up so I don't get the dreaded "lag" every 2 hours. Annoying as all heck, of course they don't TELL you that when you sign up. Well, the 2 years is almost up and I should be able to just jump on and play anytime without having to constantly watch the clock.

Otherwise, I doubt I'll get much done. If I do, it'll happen either Sun evening or maybe Mon after I get home from work.

Yeah, most of my WoW activity did indeed happen Mon. Evening, though I _did_ get a little done Sun too. Also tried booting up Metroid Prime 2 but I discovered that Wii and GC Memory Cards don't play nice and now mine's corrupt and won't hold a savefile if you turn the machine off. Arrrgh. Maybe a local gamestop has an old GC sitting around and a memory card for it.
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