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Monk + Elixir of Ancient Knowledge = WoahFollow

#1 Nov 20 2012 at 8:08 AM Rating: Excellent
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So, the day before yesterday (Sun Night), I had dinged my monk to Level 81 in Mt. Hyjal. I wasn't using anything special really (I had a crafted neck and one ring, ran out of jaspers before I got a 2nd ring) and when I hit 81, I equipped two Carnelian Spikes and had two Perforaters ready to go.

Yesterday, I was doing my Blacksmith's Klaxxi and Golden Lotus when I saw a rare Mogu Warrior in Dread Wastes. Mogu Warriors are one of THE easiest rares to kill and this one didn't have a bunch of crap around him like most rares tend to, so I killed him with mild effort. He dropped one of these babies and when I went to put it in his bank for safe-keeping, I noticed I had one in there already from a previous rare I'd killed some time ago.

I already have 11 characters on that server, and they are all 85 except for this 81 monk so I was like "I better use these now, otherwise I won't be able to".

With only one hour of Enlightenment (which doesn't stack with the potions as I later found out), and only 25% rested and about 20% XP towards 82, I went into Mt. Hyjal. I had already done up to the Ogre Mound near Goldrinn's shrine (the next quests wanted me to go up to that shelf and into the Firelands portal). I used my Anniversary package, and then drank the potion and went to work.

By the time I finished Goldrinn's Shrine, went over to the place where you save the critters, deer, and bears from the trees, and then went down and did up to (but not including) Tortolla, I had dinged 83. That's two levels.

I used my Hearth to go to Dalaran, went to Org and picked up the breadcrumb to go to Uldum, had mom's mage warp me back up to Dalaran and then jumped into the CoT portal and flew over to Adarrah and started those quests.

The first potion wore off right about the time when Phaoris sends you to talk to the 3 people right after you rescue Nadun from the Lost City.

I AFK'd about 3min to get some food, came back and I still had just a little Enlightenment; the next quest (the bandit warlord) offered 96k. So I drank the potion and it then offered me ~208k. That means Enlightenment + Potion do not stack (if it did, it should have been almost 300k).

So I kept questing. I dinged 84, and I also dinged 85 with 16 minutes left on the second potion. The buff immediately wore off upon me dinging 85 (blaah).

So, with no craftables or anything special beyond an Alicite Pendant, one Jasper Ring, and 2x Carnelian Spikes, 2x Perforators, I had gone from 20% into 81 to 85 within an hour and 45 minutes and that's including my 3min AFK and my slightly decreased performance from eating and playing at the same time for ~5min and the few minutes it took me to go back to Orgrimmar and wait for mom to portal me to Dalaran.

So... yeah, those potions rock. lol

Also, the overpoweredness of <85 monks helps too. Heck, monks are still feeling powerful at 85 (though I have a full set of leather crafted 384s on), though not quite "overpowered", still on the powerful side tho.

Edit: Correction: I had guild cape and guild helm, though I'm not sure if those stack with the potion (since Enlightenment did not).

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