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Opinion On: Panda Dailies

#1 Nov 13 2012 at 6:29 PM Rating: Excellent
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Kirsanov wrote:
'The more i think about this topic I'm seeing it for what it is, whiney entitled people wanting free epics.'

Is that what it is champ? Man here I was thinking it was just complaints (the validity is depending on your pov I guess) about a certain game mechanic. Blizzard wants to remove VP gear and LFR? Fine with me. I've done maybe 2 LFRs ever. The vast majority of my gear from pre-BC through Cata has been from drops. Thank god for those free epics!

What I don't want is for Blizzard to dangle that sweet carrot in front of me - and I don't notice the river of sewage I have to swim through to get it (a little over the top I guess but so is Blizzard's use of daily quests as a way of end game progression in MoP).

Bolded for clarity. Dailies are not 'end game progression' so stop saying they are, they are there for CASUALS who DON'T/CAN'T do normal raids a chance to get some decent gear. Progression relies more on player skill then gear crutches. I mean you don't think the top 100-200 guilds say you cant raid unless you have full vp. News flash: They downed all six normal the first week with mostly blue gear, and then started heroic versions next week.

As i said, the VP gear is ilvl489, the LOWEST of the 3 tiers this patch, as for the "dangling the carrot' its always been raid gear, always.

I mean no one ever sat down and said, "You know what i want to sit down with 24 other people with different playstyles, that i don't like, that make mistakes, that I can't control, and at least 10 of them are mouth-breathing, window-lickers that you wonder how they managed to even install WoW in the first place since they cant even seem to click on the right icons, would be fun and mentally healthy for me." Nope we did it for the gear, we subjugated our mental well being for some shiny trinkets that sometimes never dropped. I'll take dailies over that again any day.

No one is forcing you to do dailies, in the end they provide almost nothing for you if your raiding as by the time you can even afford some of the gear you should already have a few pieces from raiding.

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