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Opinion On: Panda Dailies

#1 Nov 13 2012 at 5:56 PM Rating: Good
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Can i just point out, for REAL raiding YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO DAILIES (Cept the 45 for lesser charms) as i pointed out in my post, Valor Point gear is the SAME ilvl as the FIRST Tier (of 3) or Normal mode Vaults, EVERY Normal Raid after that is higher.

Is it a nice option so you could maybe fill in a spot that that one boss just wont drop yeah, but you can also do LFR to try getting it, its a lower ilvl but you dont need to do dailies. Wanna know a trick? You can only loot a LFR Boss once a week but you can spend tokens no matter what. So lets say you really want the dagger a certain raidboss drops, doesnt drop on normals so you do LFR doesnt drop you finish LFR, you can reque and try the boss again and spend a token for another shot.

Also you can que for LFR with only heroic gear ilvl 460 for MSV, 470 for HoF, and 470 for Terrace(im guessing). So again. If you don't want to do dailies, you don't have to.

The more i think about this topic I'm seeing it for what it is, whiney entitled people wanting free epics. If you don't want to do dailies, don't do dailies, But stop whining about how you cant get gear. If you want gear that bad join a raiding guild learn how to not drool on your keyboard and get shiney purples. Problem solved you get the ilvl489 gear you want, and dont have to do dailies.

As for 'wasting' VP guess what every progressive raider, or even some casuals are ALREADY wasting VP Cause they downed Vaults already and moved on to HoF and guess what? You cant buy ilvl495 VP gear, so if anything the raiders should be ******** not anyone else, because the system is supposed to be there for raider who dont get the drops they want from the current tier as a side thing. Now they cant get a piece because it worse then the current tier, but thats why LFR is in place to offset that.

Also come next tier of raiding no one cares about the old reps (possibly) cause its outclassed and they are going to probably go back to a vendor somewhere to just buy VP gear.

My point being is if you don't want to do dailies then don't do them. But don't ***** if they have an item you want. Go out and raid, it fixes your problem, you can get the items you want.

As for LFR loot, it's there to stop selling of items. I hated LFR for that reason, if it was plate and they could roll on it god forbid if everyone and their mother rolled on it even if it wasnt their spec, or they had a better piece in that slot, then they would sell it to the highest bidder. I was so disgusted by that I just chose not to run LFG back then.

If you really need proof of concept. Dracian, my rogue(linked in previous post) Is nearly exalted with everyone and have a 479 ilvl. Bacon my Warrior alt(Also linked) has is a few ilvls behind 473, and has tillers and Klaxxi revered only cause i ran them for tokens. BTW up until last week I hadn't raided a normal raid (Server time diff caused issues).

My Point being is again, if you don't want to do dailies, don't, but stop complaining you cant get the gear you feel entitled to. Kinda an example is lets say you do a normal raid get stupid lucky and every boss drops an item for you and you win lots etc.Your completely geared from this, by the way you guys speak next week you shouldnt have to waste your time coming to raid, I mean you get nothing out of it. It doesnt work like that, you come and help farm for EVERYONE in the raid, it's wasting your precious time still, which seems to be everyones real problem here.

Sorry for the rant it's just there's so many **** options and still people complain. You have dailies and LFR, or raiding, **** you can also almost Farm and buy a full set of decent epics to feel better about you ilvl epeens. This is an MMO, not a log on 2 hours once a week and get gear handed to you game but a game where you can get gear in MANY ways.

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