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Opinion On: Panda Dailies

#1 Nov 13 2012 at 5:12 PM Rating: Excellent
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Lyrailis wrote:
One thing that Blizz has said is that they don't like "Double-Dipping", which is throwing a tabard on, earning rep rewards through doing dungeons, earning drops off of bosses through dungeons, and then buying JP/VP gear with JP/VP you got by doing dungeons.

Therefore, Dungeons = The Only Thing You Do.

Blizz WANTS us to do Dailies AND Dungeons. They want us to do multiple different things to gear up our characters. You can gear up by just dailies, easily. You can gear up by doing JUST dungeons.... if it weren't for LFR's lame looting system, that is.

Hence why I stress that LFR loot is one of the huge problems with this model. It is the thing that prevents people from gearing up solely from dungeons.

What Blizz WANTED was for the people who do dungeons AND dailies to reap extra rewards from their efforts in both aspects of endgame WoW. They wanted you to be able to gear up from solely dailies and solely dungeons to give people a choice.

However.... LFR loot kills this whole model. IF LFR geared you better, then their goal would be met.

Edited, Nov 13th 2012 4:34pm by Lyrailis

It doesn't work like this though.

Again, my wife is Valor capped. She can tank dungeons and LFR till the end of time. She will never ever see a piece of 489 gear doing this. Because although she's played, she's done stuff in game, she's earned her points, she hasn't played in the specific way she is required to in order to actually use the points she earned. It's not just her either, I know a good number of people in my guild and just around my main server in general who hate dailies and will not do them. They will not have the high end gear that daily-doers have.

The whole system seems ***-backwards; people who DO play this game as an MMO and group up for dungeons/scenarios/etc. are not able to get gear as good as people who play it as a solo game questing around and doing dailies because while, yes, you can get VP in several ways, you are only allowed to actually use it if you've done the dailies.

This is why I just do the dailies and ignore dungeons entirely - simple math really. An hour of dailies gets VP+Rep+cash+vendor fodder+mat farming; an hour of dungeon get VP+some cash. I see no reason to to run a Heroic for 40 VP and some cash when I could be getting so much more doing the dailies.

For myself personally, I want exalted with everybody anyway for all the mounts because that's kind of my thing. I have only Shadopan and Celestials left anyway and figure by the time I get exalted with them I'll just be pretty much "done" with my main. I only need I think 2 pieces of Valor gear to buy anyway so by then I'll be capped out on all reps and gear that I can possibly get on him outside of Real Raiding so doing anything on him will thus be mostly pointless. But then, I play a lot. And I remember how boring and mindless dungeon grinding used to be as well so to me it makes no difference really if I have to grind dungeons or dailies.

As to the point though, ya, I think the current system is pretty messed up even if it doesn't gimp me personally.

As I mentioned before, I think a lot of the problem could be solved if either
A) the Valor and Heroic gear were the same level,
B) Rep could be gained via either Dailies or Heroics,
C) Rep was not needed to purchase Valor gear to begin with,
D) Some other idea (like the Rep token thing mentioned above for example) that evened out one's ability to choose what part of the game to do without being shut out of rewards.

I'm not sure i agree that LFR has as big an impact as you do. The gear isn't as good as Valor to begin with, and you can only do it once a week anyway so it's not something you can really grind out. Run it once and pray you get something useful but that's about it for the week.
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