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Opinion On: Panda Dailies

#1 Nov 13 2012 at 3:54 PM Rating: Good
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What you described is triple dipping. Simple fix: take away VP from dailies and give them their own non-VP/JP based rewards. Let us spend our JP/VP without doing dailies. No tabards. There. Multiple ways of gearing up.

BTW is the LFR loot problem the same one where people want to see what they don't win? Or is it just that, unlike in a guild run where you're increasingly likely to get a drop (even if Bobby gets the sword this week, I'll get it next week), you could potentially run forever and never win anything? IMO LFR was never intended to replace normal mode raids. We need to get back to the glory days of wrathbabyism with 4 difficulty levels. It worked really well and was reflected in its popularity. Go back to that system and let LFR augment that. 10 man normals could be easy enough to pug and even the most casual of guilds could complete it. Would create less LFR loot drama.

That is a separate issue though.

They want people who do Dungeons _and_ Dailies to Double-Dip. People who do Dungeons and Dailies get extra reward, because they put forth more effort (and they see more of the dev's hard work in the form of the dailies And dungeons). They want Dailies and Dungeons to both be viable, but you get bonuses for doing both. They _want_ you to Double-Dip by doing both. It is supposed to be a bonus.


The problem with LFR is that 1). The rewards are too low item level, and 2). You get gear too infrequently from it. There is way too much RNG and there are lots of players who spend lots of coins only to see the same item over and over again, or they only get a peasly 28g from their hard-earned coins.


1). LFR needs to more consistently reward players for doing it.
2). LFR needs slightly better item rewards.

I don't think LFR should be as good as Normal Raid, but yet... I think the gap is slightly too large, IMO. Also, Heroic drops could be bumped up just a tad, but meh.
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