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Opinion On: Panda Dailies

#1 Nov 13 2012 at 2:27 PM Rating: Decent
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Oh man I wanted to voice my opinion on this stuff when that 'I love Mists of Pandaria' thread was started because this is a major sticking point with a lot of people on this expansion. If this system stays in place, I think this expansion is going to 'fail' as badly as Cataclysm.

And to all those saying it's easy to ignore the dailies you have two options:
1) Ignore the dailies and waste your justice and valor points.
2) Do the dailies.

Very few people opt for option one (almost no one who is interested in gearing for pve) so by default people are doing the dailies. Now, you have options for the dailies in how fast you do them (but this may not be too viable as I'll point out in a moment).

IMO it's a terrible decision. I feel like I still have to do dungeons and raids for the VP/JP (though I would be interested in seeing how the point gain compares to doing heroics and raids) so where is the option here? Reps (apart from the enchants) used to be a pretty optional activity - I never capped out on SSO, AT, or Molten Front and I felt like I could progress just fine. Not so now. You will do the dailies (at a fairly consistent rate - can't really sit on them for 6 months and go back and do them for the mounts) or you will stare at your unused valor points in your currency tab.

Here's my question though: what was wrong with the old system? There were JP and VP vendors and then you had rep vendors that had a couple gear and vanity items for purchase. They provided a nice supplement to gearing up. Don't like how fast tabards allowed rep gain? OK then dailies it is. The real problem is combining the JP/VP vendors and the reps. And JP items aren't as good as what is available in heroics? LOL what? Why? It just feels lazy. It's not real content. It's not *real* difficulty. It just feels broken.

And here is the deeper problem: we're all at least grudgingly accepting of the daily grind for now. I mean, it's going to end right? LOL. Uh, what if they do the same thing on future tiers of content? If you take the slow boat to rep city you quickly find yourself under water looking at all those 0/3000 neutral (or whatever underleveled value you're stuck at) reps. Uh, no thank you. /unsub

I would laugh if Blizz implemented a similar system for PvP gear. My own little bit of schadenfreude. I mean it makes sense right? Fair is fair Everyone has to jump through the hoops. Of course if they did that they know their pvp-focused playerbase would have none of it and subs would plummet.

It seems obvious that this is a terrible system. I mean it has to change, right? RIGHT!? /sigh Sometimes it's cathartic to just rant a little bit. I do wish they would come out with their longer term plans so that I could plan accordingly and maybe spend my time doing something else.
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