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Opinion On: Panda Dailies

#1 Nov 13 2012 at 12:41 PM Rating: Decent
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@ Lyr

I may have exaggerated some, but my point still stands I think. Even if you figure 15 for Tillers, another 15 for Anglers and 30 for each of the rest (which can honestly go either side of that figure depending on the set and number of other people competing), you get Lotus, Klaxxi, Celestial, Cloud Serpent, Shadopan at 30 min each for about 2.5 hours of dailies to do all of them.

Sure, once you get exalted you don't *need* to do them all anymore, but if you want VP, dailies seem the more . . .fruitful option than heroics by a good margin. The vp/hour rate is probably about the same with both and at least while doing dailies I can mine, collect usually at least a few hundred gold in rewards/loot. Dungeons don't seem to really drop vendor fodder anymore and the gold drop rate seems (maybe I'm wrong) a lot lower than it used to be so the profit is definitely in doing anything other than dungeons it seems.

I guess my problem with the whole situation rally boils down to the vast disconnect in gear level - the Valor 489s are *massively* more highly statted than the 463 dungeon blues. If you were able to get the same gear level from either dailies OR dungeons then I think it would ease the pain a lot.

But you can't. At least not currently. Maybe once I get exalted with all of them and actually have everything available to buy, then spamming dungeons will be a possibility to get VP that way instead. But to use my wife as an example again, she wants to run dungeons - she likes them; she doesn't want to do dailies; she doesn't like them. But now she's nearly Valor capped and literally can do nothing with it because she doesn't put in the couple hours a day to build rep with everybody. So somebody who just likes dungeoning and raiding is kinda screwed out of gear.

I like the rep token idea.

I think another option would be having the Valor gear and Heroic gear be the same level so it doesn't matter what you do to get it. Maybe have different looking sets for each.

And I agree about the LFR loot system; I think it's terrible. I don't like not seeing anything drop. I don't like the feeling of getting 28g for killing a raid boss. I use my roll tokens just to get rid of them but all I have gotten is the same robe 5 times now. I don't even know what any of them drop that I can motivate myself to try for because they don't really visibly "drop" anything anymore.

Grouping for dailies would probably be a good idea, I just never would have thought of it. I have been solo questing for so long it wasn't even a consideration. I haven't noticed or talked in /1 since . . .mid Wrath before the dungeon finder.
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