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Opinion On: Panda Dailies

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Pantherfern wrote:
Where are you getting 30 minutes a day from? Tillers maybe.

Nah, I've done tillers in as little as 12.5 minutes. That's including picking, and planting crops. Now, granted, that's when the dailies send you to the Virmen Hill, not the Hozen Village. Hozen Village, add ~5 minutes because of trying to avoid all of those stupid monkeys and still complete your objectives. Seriously, I hate that stupid hozen village and its elites running around everywhere, not to mention the overpowered non-elite monkeys that do simply way too much damage.

These dailies, while I like the quests themselves honestly, take way longer than that (for me at least.) The Lotus ones are much closer to an hour when you factor in the 2nd hub of them - Mistfall village is a nightmare simply due to the sheer number of people compacted in that little spot tagging/grabbing things. The ruins part is the same with Runes/spiders. It's not that the quests are hard, it's that it takes forever to get the number of things you need.

I've not done a _lot_ of Golden Lotus dailies, I'm not to Honored yet, but the first part + second part (they send me to that lake with the ruby eyes usually, though I got sent once to the place where you gotta knock apples out of a tree with fireworks), that usually only takes me about 20-25min. IF there's another quest hub -after- that, at Honored, then yeah it'll take a little longer.

Shadopan can be the same way depending on which set you get. The one where you need 4 Elites takes ages for me - there aren't that many of these things, they patrol with huge packs of support, and everybody else is looking for them too. I find I can easily spend almost 30 minutes on this one just trying to *find* one of these guys and wait until he's reasonably safe to pull.

Haven't done Shado-pan yet...

Klaxxi usually just requires a huge number of dead things and isn't too bad on its own. I don't like the area or mobs really but that's a personal thing.

With the ridiculously powerful buffs you get in there, Klaxxi dailies tend to be quick and easy, at least they are for me depending on what buffs you choose.

And honestly, overall my problem with the dailies isn't the dailies, it's that they are literally the only place to get everything right now and so are nearly mandatory. And also at the same time, I feel like I am being punished for doing what they clearly want me to do as I now have nearly 10 stacks of Elder Charms clogging up my bags that I can do nothing with.

It'd help if they'd fix the ridiculously small chance of getting loot from LFR, to be honest. I've heard stories of players who have done LFR every week they could and have 0-2 pieces to show for it, even after spending bonus coins.

This should not be allowed; the % chance of a drop should climb every boss until you get something and then the counter should get reset. If you get lucky, you get it early. If you don't, you are still guaranteed to get something after <3 runs.

489 gear. You don't get anything close to it in dungeons. You can't get it in LFR. You can get it from dailies. Ergo, to me at least, this makes doing dungeons absolutely pointless anymore, and LFR only kind of worth it. So endless dailies it is.

But you can still only get 1000/week (roughly 1/2 a piece of gear) and get completely buried in Charms in the process.

Charms are becoming a currency, and what happens when you get exalted? You're not going to do the dailies unless you want extra gold, so later in the expansion, all factions Exalted, you'll be needing those charms for later raids.

My wife is far more casual than I am. She has 1 toon that she really plays. We raid 2 nights/week but other than that, she may log in and do more than check mail . .I'll say 2 other days/week on average. She *may* do a round of dailies once a week. If she feels like it. With this current system in place it is going to be months before she gets any gear.

I'm similar, though my problem is more alts. I'm not really complaining though; I'll get it when I get it. I'm not out for world firsts or anything like that. As long as I can see each raid boss die sometime during this expansion, or even just killing Garrosh this expansion, I'll be happy.

We used to be able to spam a bunch of heroics for whatever pre-raid gear there was on a weekend or something but there's just nothing there now and no reason to go. That used to be a big thing - guildmates and friends and whatnot logging on together to run stuff to get phat lootz, dragging the ungeared one through to get him/her geared up. Now it's logging on by yourself to do the same 3 hours of dailies everyday because any group thing provides worse rewards.

They need to come out with a happy medium, true.

In Wrath and Cataclysm -- THOU MUST GROUP OR GET NOTHING. Solo people, go home with nothing.
In MoP -- You need to do dailies if you want to spend your valor.

And to be honest, walking up to an NPC and buying a full set of current raid gear after doing enough Heroics was kinda stupid -- they're right about that. But yet gating everything behind dailies I'm not sure is the right answer, either.

So what IS the right answer, then?

Tabards for Rep? I always thought that was a stupid system -- you're suddenly best-buds with people you've never seen in person before because you wore their tabard and killed a bunch of crap in a dungeon? That never made sense to me.

They're getting closer to the right answer -- dailies SHOULD give good rewards. However, dailies shouldn't be so important to a player who wants to gear his character up, to the point that doing dungeons is nigh-useless without the dailies (especially with the hilariously bad chance at getting gear through LFR).

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