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Questions related to starter edition & patchFollow

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Hello, so I was recently thinking about doing the starter edition, and I also have this account that is unsubscribed and that I haven't played on for 1 1/2 or 2 years.

So, my first question is can I buy in-game items from blizzard store for my starter edition account? And since they would both be on the same account, would I also be able to use them on my pay to play account?

With both accounts being on the same account, am I able to see/use my mounts/achvs/pets/titles from my unsubscribed account on my free to play starter edition?

Or, if I enabled my unsubscribed account for a few months would they be on my starter edition if I needed to disable my account?

Since they would both be on the same account, I have heard that in order to benefit from the account wide achievements on my starter edition I would have to log into each character on my unsubscribed wow account which means I would have to buy a game card so I could reactivate my account. Is this true? And would the achvs, mounts, etc still be on my free to play when the game card for my account ends?
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Those are pretty specific questions that are strongly related to your own situation and some of them require an interpretation of what might happen in the future under Blizzard's policy. You might be best off going straight to the source and asking Blizzard's staff.

The one thing that I can answer is that there have been blue posts stating that you need to log on to a character before pets and mounts are shared.

With that said, the free version isn't going to do much for an experienced player except sit around in chat. You could avoid much of the uncertainty by taking advantage of the new Scroll of Resurrection offer and just reactivating your old account.
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First off, like Rhodekylle said, a starter account won't allow you to do much. You can only level to 20, can only carry a max of 10 gold, can't trade or join a guild, among other things. You can see all the restrictions here:

That said, you do have to log on to any toons that have mounts/pets/achievements that you want on another toon, so you would have to reactivate your old account. But they are shared across all licenses linked to the same account. You won't be able to use any flying mounts on a starter account though, because of the level 20 restriction. I'm not sure why you would bother buying mounts and pets from the Blizzard store for a starter account, and I have never done it so I don't know if it's possible. If it does work, they should be available to your other account - I have a starter account I use for forming raid groups and that toon has a rabbit pet, my main on my retail account learned that rabbit the other day after I logged the starter account in. No idea on what happens if you deactivate the account that originally had the items though. I keep meaning to find out if you keep mounts/pets after deleting the toon that had them to begin with, but haven't found out yet.

Rhode had excellent advice as well, minus all the rambling I just did.
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Rhode: Thanks! Well, you didn't really answer my question but nobody has so far. You guys did alot of recommending and advising of the restrictions (that i'm aware of), the main reason is cause i'm in college and don't really want to pay cause I don't have time to play the game because of socializing/schoolwork. Though I still would enjoy the things on F2P (free to play) like riding on my rare mounts, leveling/doing dungeons/lowlevel pvping (which is alot a fun) with boas that i get from converting honor into justice, hanging out with irl friends. Yeah Rhode, I have a ticket open for blizz right now & plenty of other forum posts.

Tell: Thanks for conforming about having to log in to the character for the mounts/pets/achvs, yeah I read it in the blizz patch notes so it had to be accurate. & Yep they're all shared across all licenses to same, I know. I just haven't played since WOTLK, I had a 6.7gs dk (i know you use ilvl or something now) and I also had a few rare mounts. So, my reason for wanting it is that it would make F2P more fun.

My reasoning for getting blizzard mounts/pets: Like I said earlier, I wouldn't just want a blizzard mount/pet for my starter account & it would spice up things and make the trial more fun though. I would want it also for when I have time to play WoW on my unsubscribed account. I asked if it would be shared on both my starter edition and unsubscribed wow account, which someone confirmed it's true earlier to me though still not sure with inactive accounts. Yeah, I know you can't fly at lvl 20, you saying this is irrelevant :P.

As for the blizzard store mounts, I found my answer but yeah...
The problem for me being is the starter edition cannot use the mail system which is where the store bought pets/mounts are sent so I would have to log onto a paid account and learn them from there (which is fine for me). I don't know if I would still have access to them if I were not able to get more game time though.

But yeah I know for a fact that mounts, titles, and achvs from a account that is merged with a trial will show up on the trial if the account is active. But, the one thing I still don't know is if they will show up when the account is inactive. But, it'll all be answered when blizz answers my ticket.

Thanks guys, and your right, maybe I should have gone straight to blizzard and no where else because no one's had an answer yet on any forum hahah. Especially with this patch still being so new for you guys.

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I googled 'wow trial mounts.' All of these links popped up:

One of which was this:

I think you know you won't be able to access any of your mounts unless you activate your old account. So why bother with a trial version at that point.

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