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Weekend Goals (Grrr SPG!!!)Follow

#1 Aug 31 2012 at 8:24 AM Rating: Excellent
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Well, it's Friday. It certainly doesn't FEEL like a Friday to me, but that's probably because I've been sitting at home weathering Hurricane Isaac for the last 3 days. I'm really not sure what's going to happen this weekend. It's not a tiny terror weekend, but I may have him for at least part of it because I haven't seen him since Monday morning because he evacuated with the ex for the storm. If I don't have him, and I get internet back at home, lots of Star Wars will be on the agenda, when I'm not cleaning up the mess Isaac left on my porch and my patio. Other than that, I plan on soaking up as much air conditioning as I possibly can, because 48 hours with no AC makes you do that kind of thing.

Also, just to ward away any future natural disasters, I may look to get into some trouble (of the fun variety), or as Rhode would say, go cavorting.

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That's pretty much the best ninja edit ever.

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#2 Aug 31 2012 at 8:49 AM Rating: Excellent
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Misleading title is misleading... Smiley: disappointed

WoW: I believe my annual pass is up, so I'm going to cancel my subscription. Just time to do that for a while methinks.

SWTOR: I'd like to finish the first part of my trooper's story and unlock the legacy thing.

RL: House needs cleaning and such.
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#3 Aug 31 2012 at 9:31 AM Rating: Excellent
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WOW: We're in the dark about when we'll get the new patch and that's making it hard to choose what to do. I think I'll default to dabbling with some of the lower level alts.

RL: It looks like a quiet weekend. Bun-Bun is studying for a big exam, so I'm left to fend for myself. With the air quality the way it has been, I probably won't get myself into too much trouble.

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#4 Aug 31 2012 at 5:04 PM Rating: Excellent
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Hmmm, weekend goals.... what to do ... what to do.

Just finished up my last exam and done with school. Odds are I won't be sober for any part of the weekend (graduation parties!!!!), let alone trying to log on and getting something accomplished the right way... not in my mind that it was working as intended (All though it might be fun trying).

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#5 Aug 31 2012 at 6:07 PM Rating: Excellent
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Roommates family is coming down for the weekend and my folks are coming down the day after they leave. I doubt I will get much free time during the day. Hopefully I will get plenty of gaming time at night when they go to bed, some reason I doubt that though. Smiley: frown
#6 Aug 31 2012 at 10:35 PM Rating: Excellent
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I'm not sure how much I'll play this weekend. Got my main and alts specs/glyphs/etc straightened out, but my addons are creating lag issues. At least, I thought it was the addons. Turned them all off, and it's still pretty bad, particularly when I click on npc's.
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