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#1 Jul 02 2012 at 7:56 AM Rating: Excellent
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Man what a weekend. I seriously hate the summer and need to move somewhere like San Diego where it's 70 degrees all the time.

I actually got to play for a few hours this weekend. My guild in Star Wars moved to a more populated server, so I rolled an alt with them in advance of transferring my level-capped main.

On the real life side, the pictures came out great. The hard part is going to be deciding which ones to turn into wallet-sized to give to all of the family members.
Sir Xsarus wrote:
That's pretty much the best ninja edit ever.

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#2 Jul 02 2012 at 11:58 AM Rating: Excellent
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I did indeed get to sit on my *** the whole weekend, I got to read and played my neglected lock a bit. Darkmoon Faire on alts.
Was served with various cold drinks, barbecued chicken and some on-trial cookies my girl brought home from work at her bakery. They were sort of almond and had amaretto, she said. Oh man yea...more please.
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#3 Jul 02 2012 at 12:06 PM Rating: Excellent
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I feel like crap too - although surgery plus two nights of hospital stay can leave you feeling that way.
Surgery went well though and the doctors seem happy with how I'm recovering so I guess I am happy too.

Still feeling kind of lousy but doing okay.

I haven't been on WoW since Monday - didn't feel up to it when I got home yesterday. I'm gonna try for a little WoW time tonight.

Did some WoW stuff - mainly Midsummer related activities that involve very little thinking. I didn't touch the DMF stuff yet - maybe later today.

No big goals for the weekend - just gonna do whatever I feel like whether that be napping or watching tv or reading or playing a bit on my games.
The drugs have me a little spacey at times so I am not responsible for anything I end up doing. >.>

Nothing big accomplished. Just doing a lot of the napping and hanging out on the computer. I haven't felt like leaving the house yet.
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#4 Jul 02 2012 at 1:34 PM Rating: Excellent
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-Keep working on leveling my engineering. At 350 atm and my goal is at least 450 before Monday.
-Already farmed MC, BWL, and Kara so I might do AQ40. Got to pick up either BM or Marks for the Twin Emperors so I can actually do enough damage to kill them.
-Swing by Darkmoon faire and drop off some quest items. Hate having them clutter my bank and bags.

Got engineering up to 501 so that's a Mission Accomplished! in my book. Couldn't be ***** to go into AQ this week. Also I hit up Darkmoon and did some dailies there, probably not going to stick with it much, don't find it very enjoyable to do dailies that are even more mind numbing than the usual dailies.

-100+ this weekend so I will certainly be staying inside. Got Red Dead Redemption in the mail the other day so if I am not on WoW I will be shooting stuff off the back of my horse. Or, as what happened to me several times before I had to walk away, my horse will spaz out when it gets near a bridge and proceed to avoid the bridge and aim for the ravine, killing my horse and making me redo the dang mission... again...

Stayed inside I did. Haven't touched RDR since last time. Probably will hit it up again sometime this week.
#5 Jul 03 2012 at 12:10 AM Rating: Excellent
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WOW: Got Igor to 71 and my Alliance Shaman to 40. I would have made more progress, but it was one of those weekends where China Unicom and China Mobile were not playing well together. [Servers are split between the two major ISPs. My service is through Unicom, but my friends are on a server run by China Mobile.]

RL: Pampering the Bunny was less than successful. She has to do a lot of physical training to get ready to handle commercial sized pans that they say can run up to 8 Kg, so I ended up having to show her how to use weights properly.
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#6 Jul 03 2012 at 6:03 PM Rating: Excellent
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Alliance Guild dinged on Monday, Horde Guild dinged today, making them both Level 12. Not bad for just mom and I. We did all of our Darkmoon Faire profession quests, our mains bought the last pet, so they don't need to worry about DMF Prize Tickets (unless they add something new in a future patch, and even then they'll have a good stock built up by then).

Alliance side, everyone has 377 armor except my mage, and mom's warlock. We're down to 4 365 weapons left. I'm not going to bother making 365 melee weapons for the two hunters; when MoP drops their melee weapons won't be usable anyways, that'd be a total waste of truegold.

Horde side, I've got 1 suit of plate armor left to make, and I believe two or three suits of cloth armor to make, then everyone's decked out in 377 craftable. Weapons, meh. Not sure. Haven't counted em up yet. Probably at least 5 needed. Again, going to skip the hunters and warriors' ranged (if I see thorns of the dying day for cheap I'll buy that maybe).

RL: Meh, more work and more work. They said my schedule is going to change, and someone was supposed to discuss said changes with me, but they never did and they left and took the notes with them so I have no idea what to expect until I arrive Thursday, or talk to the boss Friday... meh. I wish I knew what was coming. Otherwise, I've just been hiding inside with AC due to 90F and high humidity weather.
#7 Jul 04 2012 at 10:32 AM Rating: Excellent
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Friday wine & snacks tonight. Not much else planned for weekend, other than a birthday dinner for friends on Sunday(?). Supposed to be rainy Saturday through Monday, so might not get out for any walks.
Nice long Canadian July 1st holiday weekend. Friday as mentioned, quiet rainy Saturday. Sunday July 1st Canada Day, out to local Krause Berry farms for free strawberry pancake breakfast, then enough of a break in the weather for an outside double birthday dinner with friends in the evening. Quiet rainy Monday, and was sick on Tuesday (too much food I guess).

My 84 shadow priest just has a few bars to go, and I would like to get my 83 paladin to next level. Still poking along with cooking & fishing achievements on various characters. Would like to get back to a few of my horde characters for a bit of a change as well. We'll see.
My shadow priest became my sixth 85 level character, and along with my 85 warlock both of them managed to complete just about all of the Midsummer achievements except for the boss fight: sat in queue for quite awhile but didn't get picked up. Maybe next year. Didn't get to any other characters.
All good.

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