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#1 Jun 27 2012 at 9:37 AM Rating: Excellent
Meat Popsicle
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Lets hear them, serious or otherwise, what do you think will happen next expansion? Will pet battles be more popular than raiding? Which class will be the most powerful? Will Blizzard introduce heirloom gear to the online store? Bashiok will have epic nerd rage on the forums? Will you find more entertainment value in a mop than in MoP?

Of course the big question, will WoW set another record for subscribers:

What will happen to subscriptions in MoP?
Subscriptions increase, new records and publicity for Blizzard.:0 (0.0%)
Subscription peak, but near where they were in Catacylsm, essentially unchanged from last expansion.:10 (55.6%)
Subscriptions fail to reach previous levels, much talk of doom ensues:7 (38.9%)
Everyone is too busy playing D3 to log in to WoW:1 (5.6%)

Some of someproteinguy's predictions:

More hours will be logged in pet battles than in end-game PvP and Raids combined.
Monks will start off powerful, and get nerf-batted to a pulp by the first major patch.
Frost mages will continue to frustrate and annoy at will.
I'll probably only play for the first few months before taking another break.
Despite all the efforts few people will venture out into the world once they hit 90.

What are some of yours?
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#2 Jun 27 2012 at 10:29 AM Rating: Excellent
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DK's will still be absurdly overpowered when it comes to soloing old content.
There will be less shamans then there are now.
There will be a massive burst in monks that will quickly drop to the level of shamans.
Less than two months will go by before people start complaining there is nothing to do.
Blizzard will recognize that most people are still sitting idle in town. To combat this they put a debuff on your character if they stay in town too long that is similar to res sickness but also slowly drains your gold as well.
People will start saying MoP is the worst expansion and praise Cata.
#3 Jun 27 2012 at 12:51 PM Rating: Good
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Subs will peak at launch, somewhere in the ballpark of other expansions.
They will immediately start dropping, causing people to claim the total death of the game in ignorance of common sense or the video game life cycle. It's's not going to go *up* from launch, and the only other way to go is down. (See also: any other game ever that someone doesn't like, the first dip is clear evidence of "total ******** they should never have released in this state")
The game will include pandas.

I like to make the safe predictions.
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