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#1 Jun 08 2012 at 5:49 PM Rating: Default
Sporeggar... the lowest populated server in the EU, and possibly one of the lowest in the world.

Over the last 2 years I've seen friends move to different realms, and in the last 2 weeks, two of the top Alliance guilds on the server have moved to Defias Brotherhood, it's upsetting to see friends move away, but we try to carry on...

We..: we are Argent Conquest, currently the only 60 Guild based on Sporeggar, we're on the Alliance side, and have recently had many, about 4 - 5, members come back from inactivity.

So, on 8/6/12, several, 6, members this including myself and the guild master, had a Guild meeting on the matter of what to do with Argent Conquest, were we to move to a new realm, as we need support to raid etc. Then our guild master told us about "Project Ahn'Qiraj" were a group of 60s tried to create a large 60 guild on the server Ahn'Qiraj and invited 60s from Cross other realms to join them in a big Meeting.

We are going to copy them, but we shall do one better, we propose to turn Sporeggar into the Vanilla Realm, that every 60 is dying for. And we won't stop till we succeed, don't think, that we'll get bored and pass this off, this is real and going to happen!

Blizzard have reported that they have no plans to create a Vanilla Realm, where the top level is 60 etc.

We can't make a top level on Sporeggar, but what we can do is bring in an overpowering amount of 60s to the realm, Not just in alliance however.

If Horde is more your style, we would love you to join Sporeggar, in creating the First 60 Horde Guild on the Realm, and bring World Player vs. Player (WPVP) to Sporeggar, 60 STYLE!

The Date for the meeting to yet to be announced, but stay tuned and we will have more information.

Tell Friends about this, and look for us on Sporeggar, this is going all round the EU, and it's not just me that's Posting.

Copy and Paste this to other Forums. WE ARE MAKING A VANILLA REALM!

#2 Jun 08 2012 at 6:18 PM Rating: Good
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I'm positively thrilled.
Please "talk up" if your comprehension white-shifts. I will use simple-happy language-words to help you understand.
#3 Jun 08 2012 at 6:30 PM Rating: Decent
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For those of you who want more information regarding the above post, I can tell you this so far:

The date for the meeting will be decided within the week, and Títan will edit his posts to tell all of those who are interested about the confirmed date. It will be in the near future (at least 2 months away) to gather significant publicity, through the 'snowball-effect' of people sharing information.

If it seems unlikely that this will work, then do your bit to help, as this cause will be nothing without people sharing it to their guild facebook-pages, or discussing it on vent servers, or even just telling one person from your guild about it... Even if you don't play your twink anymore, copying and pasting this takes about 20 seconds, which is well worth it to even attempt to establish an unofficial 'vanilla-realm'.

I also understand that people will be skeptical about whether or not others are genuinely going to transfer to our server. So I will reveal part of my plan to you now:

- If you are anxious about transferring a character without knowing if others will do the same (as you rightly should be :P) then the first phase of this whole endeavour is to have people make an alt on out server. If we got, say... 50 people making alt characters on our server in the first day, following the meeting, then you could either level that to 60, or just use this to dispel your fears about more people moving here.

In short:
-make an alt on Sporeggar following the meeting (or beforehand if you wish)
-count the number of new accounts making alts within the guild
-decide whether or not you want to move a twink here, or level one from scratch.

Finally, I would like to encourage you to check out other forums where this same thing has been posted. If you really want to help, you can both share, and bump these posts to others, and also, information updates may reach some forums faster than others, so please check out all of this stuff.

To all twinks out there in europe, our pvp was thriving in cataclysm at the start, but once again is dying. You can quit twinking, or you can work towards getting organised pvp and raids out of what remains of the twink population. We aim to bolster the organised side of twinking by working with fellow guilds, and creating this new twink community.

Sporeggar is low populated, but the lack of 85s may actually benefit us, in creating the classic World of Warcraft server that we all seek, and Blizzard has yet to make.

<GM of Argent Conquest>

Edited, Jun 8th 2012 8:30pm by RageOfGuts
#4 Jun 08 2012 at 6:40 PM Rating: Good
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I've got some questions for you and then a friendly word of caution.

I'm assuming you guys just roll around at level 60 and do whatever is doable at that point in the game, but what exactly is that? What's available at level 60 that makes it so interesting? Heirloom gear, expansion gear, etc. means there's no true level 60 feeling anymore. Even if you halt leveling at 60, you can still get gear that far surpasses any of the gear a Vanilla level 60 could get. What's the point?

And now for the warning: People here don't like it when 1-post critters (that's what we call first time posters) do drive-by advertisements for whatever. Be prepared for incoming flak.

Bonus addendum is my opinion on your event. I think it's very optimistic of you to set up an event like this where you openly admit that you're on the least populated server in the European cluster and then ask people to transfer their characters to that server. You then also mention that a similar event has taken place on Ahn'Qiraj which, I'm assuming, is not the least populated server in the cluster. Why should people transfer to a dead server when they can transfer to a not-so-dead server and get the same thing?

I wish you good luck with the thing, but...
Please "talk up" if your comprehension white-shifts. I will use simple-happy language-words to help you understand.
#5 Jun 08 2012 at 6:55 PM Rating: Default
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'Drive-by-poster'... I like it.

As for the Ahn'Qiraj one, we didn't mention this, but during the meeting, your usual cohort of trolls showed up and the guild members were unable to 'control' the crowd. Including one ugly event in which 170 level 1s all got the 'Make Love, Not Warcraft' in quick succession... You can imagine what it was like, I assume.

As to your query about the 60 levelling feeling, and heirloom gear, we are against any level 60 characters using gems, aside from allowing all characters with a relic slot to fill it with an 'all-stats gem'. Players may use whatever enchants they wish, as this dosn't have such a large impact as gem gear when in battlegrounds, or raids. Engineering items and items from other professions are theoretically acceptable, as the character has to work towards being able to make such items. But items like the Goblin rokcet launcher, Sonic booster, etc, will not be allowed in raids.

All gear that is used in any slot on a character must have been available during classic wow to be used in raids, is the main rule here.

When you speak about "things available at 60 that makes it interesting", my only response is that, for one, the gear looks arguably better to both players who have never used it before, and nostalgics, and also the raid content is somewhat interesting. I think this game is more interesting when you have a wider scope of raid encounters in all forms logical, and retarded... The PvP is also an important part of what separates level 60 from other battleground brackets. Players who want more of a challenge can fight against the level 64s from other servers that stack gems to get ridiculous amounts of health, or spell power. While the one most appealing side of this to some, would be world pvp events of level 60 players, using the old legendary items, in areas long untouched by that kind of player-organised events...

I hope this answered some of your questions and wards off some of the "Incoming flak".

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