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#1 May 07 2012 at 7:53 AM Rating: Excellent
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Happy Monday everybody. I'm not sure why, but I'm actually in a good mood on a Monday for once. How did everybody do on their goals?

Gaming Goals:
I actually got to play for a couple hours each morning while the little one was still sleeping. I didn't play any WoW, but at least I got some gaming time in.

Real Life Goals:
My nephew's birthday party was a blast. Everybody had a great time and he got enough clothes and toys to garb and entertain an army.
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#2 May 07 2012 at 8:35 AM Rating: Good
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Weekend Goals:

Continue running Heroics Dungeons to gear up my Rogue for higher tier raids,
and going to show my Priest some love and work on getting that at least mid way to 80 (69 > 75)

At some point I should probably mow my lawn being it has a look that says if you walk on me
you will disappear....

Brought my ilvl on Rogue up to 338
Priest 69 > 71

and for the later part... still tackling my lawn. My neighbor keeps telling me that her dog is lost in my yard somewhere....
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#3 May 07 2012 at 8:42 AM Rating: Excellent
i get to lay around all weekend and do pretty much nothing. I had surgery this morning and my face hurts, and I can't talk.

But i will suck it up and be going to the comic book store for Free Comic Book day..and I might just get high on pain pills and go see the new Avengers movie because I really want to see it.

If i get to play...maybe do the Child Week thing on my DK. I still need to do the one in Dalaran for this year's.
Maybe work on my hunter or druid.

Did all of the above except work on hunter/druid. Decided to see if I could gear DK some.
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#4 May 07 2012 at 9:24 AM Rating: Excellent
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WOW: PUGs have been so bad that I may finally be baited into impersonating a tank with the Druid. Because of language, I've never even tried to tank; however, few people bother to talk in PUGs, so that's somewhat moot nowadays.

So, I tell my friend: "OK, I'll try one." I was going to start with normals. So much for that plan. He was confident that he could heal though bad tanking (or at least wanted a challenge). Right, y'all know what happened. "Look, Troll heroic and one that I barely know!" We made it and with fewer deaths than some of the PUGs I'd been in. Smiley: lol Interesting times.

I was distracted and my play time was too scattered to do anything serious, but DMF has been kind to me. The sea pony has dropped twice already and I haven't done a great deal of fishing.

I have papers I want to finish grading and need to renegotiate the lease for next year.

Victory of sorts. I got the 2nd year papers wrapped up and I'm reasonably comfortable with the grades. The lease kept me on edge most of the weekend, but in the end the landlord only asked for a token increase in rent (100 RMB) that was easily within my budget. I can relax a bit now, I hate having to move in the middle of finals.
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#5 May 07 2012 at 8:49 PM Rating: Excellent
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WoW - wise I had great weekend. Ran at least a dozen dungeons, mostly heroics. Did y first actual raiding with my guild, completely swapped out my PvP armor for more appropriate gear, jumped my iLevel by 6 and wound up with ****'s own crossbow (

Even the PUGs were good - and that's saying a lot.
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#6 May 07 2012 at 11:09 PM Rating: Excellent
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DS Friday night - we had a great run on Tuesday despite a late start and have only Spine and Madness left for tonight. Spine has been pretty good for us so I don't doubt that we'll get that out of the way quickly, assuming we have most of our regular team on. We've only downed Madness once though so we're still a little iffy on that right now.

For some reason, Spine took us quite a few tries but we one-shot Madness nice and neat (first time one-shot).

No raid on Saturday - leader is giving us a break between ICC and moving to a new raid. I think we're going to start working on the Tier 11 stuff next weekend starting with a basic run on normal to reacquaint people with the fights.

Yep - no raid.

Sunday - I might do the 'fun run' stuff that I normally miss because of my family visits. My sister will be out of town so driving all that way just to visit my mom (who likely won't remember that I visited a few hours after I leave) just isn't worth it.

Did the 'fun run' - BT, Hyjal and Sunwell - took my other Shaman and got a bunch of transmog type stuff.

End of Children's Week and start of a DMF - I've been doing a little Children's Week stuff on alts but I don't feel overly obsessed to do it on all of them with the changes promised in Mists. I will probably make an effort to get all of my main server characters through the monthly profession dailies at the Faire though since those get you the most rep and tokens. I only usually do the daily stuff on my main and I will stop that once I get all of the pets. Heh

Did pets on most alts on my main server. Got all profession DM quests done on main server alts over Sunday and Monday. My Troll Mage hit 83 tonight - yay
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